Naim/Tidal app just began shuffling tracks. How to stop it?

So this is a new one. Last night the Naim/Tidal app (I have to use it because of my Gen 1 NDX) just started shuffling every track on any album I listened to. Here’s the thing, though: so far it only happens on my iPhone X. I tried it for an album on my iPad mini and it played an album straight through, but I fear it might start doing it on that device as well. I certainly hope there a way to disable shuffling (is there?). And no, there is no shuffle symbol anywhere that I can see in the iPhone/iPad configuration to shut it off. Please…anything would be appreciated!

Hello. Yes, I’ve seen this screenshot before, but my Naim app Tidal screen presentation looks nothing like this, and has no shuffle icon to press. It has the album cover, followed by a play icon and star, then the track list (say, 1 to 16 for a given album). It has the current song playing with only a play/pause button on the far right. No forward/back; no shuffle—nothing else. You can hit the … button and it only gives you options for play, queue next, queue last, go to artist, add to favourites (the star icon) and + add to…(new playlist). Your screen appears to be of a different configuration, perhaps from a laptop, which the older 1 Gen streamers will not support, thus I am forced to use my iPhone or iPad.
Any other suggestions? This is maddening.

Just a quick follow-up (to my apparent ignorance):
Thanks to jmtennapel’s post, I was determined to locate this function (it stood to reason that there had to be app similarities) and went to my iPad mini, played around with nearly every setting. There is a Tidal logo beside the time/track countdown. As a last resort, I pressed it and sure enough it brought up the shuffle indicator as seen in the response post. All is well. Not certain how it ever got activated since I’ve never been on that screen or ever even knew about it…but it’s all good. Apologies for taking up bandwidth…

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Maybe by pressing the shuffle button on the remote?

It was resolved. Thanks.

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