Naim to allow on-line sales?

Given the shutdown, do you think Naim will change their business model and allow on line sales ?

With audio dealers shutting down for up to three months and home demos not being seen as a good thing, should Naim be allowing on line sales?

Given that the factory is now shut I don’t think it’s worth it, with most items built to order they wouldn’t have a fulfilment route.

I am sure there is stock dealers would like to see a return on, but thanks for update

In my experience dealers, well in the UK at least, do not hold much if any stock, instead they are ordering for customers as needed.

Naim don’t sell direct. However, a number of UK dealers are already offering online sales and also delivering kit for audition during the lockdown.


Thanks Richard, that makes a lot of sense, we all need to adapt.

And maybe I can pick up a DAC V1…

Best wishes to all in the Naim family of manufacturers, dealers and consumers.

See you all the other side of Lockdown

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Thanks Ian. To you too.

This is interesting. Normally Naim dealers set systems up for you, however this breaches the social isolation concept.
I also question whether delivery if hifi is classed as an essential service (be serious here)
Close down and stay away, for everyone’s sake


Charlie’s post said they had put all their stock into the hands of their logistics agents, so anything not already ordered is going to have to wait until after the factory reopens.

On Naim dealers setting up stuff for you, well some people like them to do it, but many buyers don’t want it, especially for the bottom half of the range.


I wish Naim would sell direct outside the UK. As it is I have to buy online from a dealer in Delaware or one in LA. They’re both very nice, but the markup is massive (even if better than two years ago under Audio Plus).

Take a new HiCap DR. In the UK it’s 1,500 pounds including VAT, so about $1,500 to a US buyer since the VAT more or less cancels out the exchange rate. In America, the same unit is $2,500. There’s zero justification for that. In the past I’ve flown to England and purchased a NAP 300DR and shipped it back. Paid half the asking US price doing that! Even then, the only approved service center in the US quoted me $400 for the five minute resolder of the transformer required to change from 230 to 120V.

This isn’t the 1970s, shipping is a non-issue from the UK to the US. I should be able to buy direct from Naim, have it shipped to the US, and be able to ship it back to Naim for service or recapping as needed. I might not be the only person I know with a Naim system if that were the case…


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Audio T uk:
This one takes only reservations

That one seems to sell now

There are other dealers here in the States, and I get very good service from mine who is outside of Chicago. It’s about 1000 miles from me, but he ships of course. You have more options.

Naim have decided how they want to do business in North America - they own the NA distributor. They don’t do factory direct sales in the UK; why would they do them here?

Honestly the best way to own Naim here in the States is to buy ‘gently used’ trade-ins. Buying 1-2 yr old black boxes, I pay on average about 50% of US msrp; sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. Just bought a Supercap DR for less than 50% msrp; it was manufactured in late 2018.

Are you really arguing that you don’t want direct sales at UK prices?

What Naim products are most in demand at the moment do we think?
I.e. if the factory could make a model, what would they make.

The biggest selling product I think would be the Muso and for traditional outlets my guess would be the Atom or Nova .

Of course I want this, but I can see why it’s totally unrealistic to expect it.

Ford should sell us cars factory direct, and we could eliminate the dealers’ profits. That’s not going to happen, even though Tesla do it.

I just don’t tilt at windmills, that’s all! So I’ve ‘skinned the cat’ differently, buying gently used at significant discount. And finding a dealer who does a lot of trade-ups with clients, and who thus has access to this sort of gear.

The difference is that Ford has a well established dealer network in the US. Naim doesn’t. Until two years ago everything went through Audio Plus ( Edited: I previously and mistakenly thought it was AV Options - I was wrong) at extortionate markups. Now there are a few more options, but the density is nowhere near sufficient, and the markups have gone from 100% to only 50%.

Ford works, because there’s a dealership in every town. My closest Naim “dealer” is an hour away in Indy, they have nothing in stock, don’t like Naim, and when I went there pushed me towards Mark Levinson. That’s not a dealership. Compare that with Oxford, where there are two Naim dealers within walking distance to one another.

Let me put this another way: I would love to have a real Naim dealer nearby. One with much of the catalog available for showroom demo and occasional home demo. The customer service our friends in the UK are always bragging about on this forum. Since that’s impossible given the sheer size of the US and the diminutive market for HiFi, I’d like an online dealer. Since shipping from Salisbury is the same as from LA, why not get it from Naim direct, and at UK prices (minus VAT)?

We here in the States certainly are ‘poor relations’ vs the product available in the UK; no argument about that.

You’re mistaken about AV Options; you’re thinking about Audio Plus. They were US distributors up until Focal/Naim bought them last year.

I’m not sure I’m allowed to mention the name of my Naim dealership here; but his first name is Tyler and if you search these fora you’ll find the reference. Outside of Chicago. Again, he is happy to ship. You’d have to speak with him directly of course to see if a given item you’re interested in is something you can demo with the ability to return it.

Am I? Oh dear, I hate to speak ill of the wrong outfit. I thought it was AV Options, I’m sure you’re right. My apologies to them.

Is there a rule against recommending a specific Naim dealer? I can’t imagine. If not, please do tell me who they are. I’m 2 hours from Chicago. That would be genuinely useful.

It appears to be allowed; NextLevel AV in Wayne, IL. Fantastic. Tell Tyler that @Bart sent you.