Naim Toaster!

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Be very careful, I added a Powerline to my toaster, and instead of a lovely even brown, the bread came out an inky black.


I assume you bought a few Mitsubishi shares before posting this!

I think its bldy brilliant

Teardown here

It would match your Bluesound products perfectly :upside_down_face:

Just looking for the DR version


I want one. Is that wrong?

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Sorry, the Mitsubishi can’t get near this £8k toaster! Can’t beat the toast an Aga produces.


Nuh-uh. Can’t beat a Dualit. Full stop. Don’t @ me.

Oh, and what’s this thing Americans have about thinking British people like their toast only toasted on one side? Anyone?


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Not necessary, the lesson of the video was - get better bread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I make ours!

BTW Aga’s

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Yawn - typical stone throwing by the sort of male often encountered on forums. ‘Can’t cook, won’t cook’ - he’s really well qualified to comment!

They aren’t cheap to buy or run, but the quality of the food produce is simply amazing. My wife wad lucky enough to attend one of Mary Berry’s last residential Aga courses - I’ve been in culinary heaven ever since!

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I think a Dualit is quite expensive enough thank you. It was the only answer to the question I asked in John Lewis “what toasters do you have that aren’t made in China”.
There’s a certain similarity between the Naim swing out CD drawer and the lever that raises the toast. Made in Crawley rather than Salisbury though.

Our Dualit is about 20 years old. A couple of months ago the middle element stopped working. So I bought a new element for about £12, removed the base and a couple of nuts and half an hour later it was good as new. That’s got to be better than buying cheap plastic junk and putting it in landfill after a couple of years.


My Dualit’s been going strong for 26 years. Price seemed exorbitant when it was given to me as a first marriage wedding gift but talk about slow depreciation! That said my parents had a newer one a decade back and lots of issues with it and finally dumped it. Glad I got a chrome bumper version, just like my 110.

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34 years on our Dualit, bought new in 1986 as a wedding present. We are still using it every day.


I agree to this point…

Edit : I relooked… my other points are off topic thus deleted by self

I always think my toaster is like a Naim toaster in so far as the browning control is like a Naim pre-amp volume control. Even for semi-frozen muffins I have to set it to 4/10. Most of the time it sits between 1 and 2 out of 10.

It’s the cheapest Dualit they make.

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nice one, have a Dualit. The builders naim is on the bottom. (of the toaster)