Naim Turntable?

I was idly reading the now closed thread ‘what do Naim do next’ thinking to myself as I scrolled down the only thing they’ve never done is a turntable and the very last post was just that…why don’t Naim do a turntable???

There’s no doubting that Czech/German outfit (project) must be making a mint at the resurgence in vinyl but the R&D costs probably preclude Salisbury’s finest throwing their hat in the ring (or does it?)

It would probably only make sense if it were pitched in the £2-3k plus segment but what could Naim do differently to fullfil their usual mantra of doing things the ‘naim way’??

It might be to useful product as a front end to ‘hook’ more non-naim users to buy further Naim products?

Possibly the TT somehow integrates into their existing amps in a unique way…BNC connectors being the obvious one.

Anybody else out there have an opinion…Richard???

Note that although Linn abandoned CD players some years back their LP12 line continues (with a circa £4.5k starting point).

Cheers and good morning all.


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Garry, my opinion is well known. I’ve been pitching the idea of a Naim turntable since I began working for the company. Every year when we would have a meeting to discuss what we’d really like from Naim, a turntable was always at the top of my list. I reckon that Roy George would be just the man for the job (and with his speaker and CD player history could promise something really interesting), so maybe now he’s “retired” he can get with something. Not sure where they would have space to build it though, so they might need a partner or outsource. Still, that’s the dream. But for now, I’ll be happy if the ARO was brought back, or maybe an ARO2. Again, probably a dream for now…


Interesting thought and a risky one. Naims business and skills are or have been in consumer electronics. TTs are a very different game.
I’d suggest any “gap” is currently filled by Rega.
And most of their TT business is with the 3 and below. My local dealer literally shifts hundreds of Rega 1s each year.

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As a design engineer I’m always looking for a challenge…only problem is the bean counters usually spoil the fun.

You have to ask yourself are Naim a ‘whole system supplier’ and I’d suggest they really are (albeit the speaker end is handled by Focal these days) so a Turntable front end makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Possibly a collaborative effort with naim’s French buddies as maybe they have the production capacity??

I would imagine Focal could chip in with a spectacularly inert plinth, source a Jap (technics) drive, Naim do the clever electronics and either design an arm in house or source one from say Jelco (as long as it’s made in Japan) or if we want more UK content SME?? It doesn’t all have to be developed in Salisbury does it.

It will need a glowing green badge on the front…and as I mentioned BNC connectors lol!

Richard…try again with the proposal???



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That’s true, but Naim have always had a strong emphasis on mechanical engineering in their electronics. Decoupled PSUs, wobbly ac sockets, Powerlines, Hilines, decoupled PCBs on suspended brass plates, Fraim etc. And we already know they can make an arm. So I’d say they have plenty of skills to apply to turntable design if they choose to.
Still, I doubt it will happen, but more due to the resources required to set up a new manufacturing plant from scratch, which I don’t think they would have the space to do in their current factory.

From another thread i posted in


I’d certainly be interested in a Naim turntable!

@Kimbleman - Perhaps a poll in the original post?

Let’s get real here. Naim have committed to Digital/Streaming and the pace of change in that field provides more than enough challenges. The TT market is competitive enough, at this stage in their evolution I doubt it’s realistic.




And one advantage, is there should be no need for firmware in a Naim TT.


How does one do a poll on here???

And as for capacity…that’s why I mentioned focal!

Go on the gear cog in the reply box

As @Martinzero describes :slight_smile:

Let’s have a vote then…who’s for or against a Naim Turntable?? Suggested target sale price similar to a baseline LP12?

Naim Cirkumvolution, you heard it hear first

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You never know, they might put ADC in!

Isn’t Rega the Naim turntable? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sorry bad joke.

This would be quite a market to conquer, catering for MM and MC aficionados as well.

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A laudable thought but I cannot see Naim pursuing vinyl products > of phono amplifiers. Reasons:

1- the market is already highly competitive and Naim is a high quality brand, upper end focused in relative terms arguably, which means any product would have to fit with this (garbage in/garbage out thinking). Fraim is perhaps a guide vis pricing and outsourcing m.o. - many regard as expensive for what it is.

2- return on capital would be unpredictable and the higher up the market & demand curve, the less certain things are.

Folklore has it that SME in times past didn’t make much from their various TTs & arms (20/30s et al) even though these were lauded by reviewers/consumers, as the hi-fi activity was ARA’s sideshow business. Very high quality gear. Now they have better distribution and promotion, prices have risen quite steeply.

Certainly it would have a built in phono stage and perhaps a Rega Arm, then it becomes a design question - but please Black and Green , part of the Classic Range .

My guess is that Rega have vacated a section of the market with their skeleton frames

Dunno if I’d bite if it came with a built in phono stage.