Naim tweaking of Focal Speakers

I would like a really close Naim collaboration with Focal to develop something more tuned for the uk market … it could even be like a super tweaked crossover…on existing models…but its clear to me they seem to be two separate ships…I think there is a real opportunity…here
The way I see it is…there is nothing wrong with Focal designs…I think it is a question of voicing. I find the current crop of Focals … have a metallic edge…and a tilted feel to the midrange…probably the Germans love them…

We can dream but a Focal built DBL update seems a rather remote likelyhood.
I did suggest to Naim during a factory visit that they should teach Focal how to make a musical speaker but they seemed to think Focal wouldn’t take it well.


I did suggest a Naim designed speaker built by Focal…blank stares. Never going to happen under this arrangement.

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That’s a great pity…as the the Focal fundamentals are pretty good…they just need a good Naim fettle…doh

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