Naim Uniti 1 Internet Radio restoring history

I have a Naim Uniti 1 (non 192 kHz) and I am having problems with Internet radio stations where the station would always start with “restoring history” message going to 70%, then back and forth and would start playing after some time. It almost never starts immediately. Some stations are worse than others and with some I have drop-outs. This is happening with average bitrate station (128 to 192 kBps)
I should note that Uniti is connected by a LAN cable to a very fast optical Internet connection.
I also have Bluesound Node 2 which never drops out when listening to the internet radio.
Is it because of small buffer in early Uniti or is there any other explanation?

My SuperUniti has a similar issue with it sticking on “restoring history” at 72%. I get this when switching to UPnP input and requires me to press Stop to clear the message. Not a huge issue when I switch manually but it also does this if I set an album playing via BubbleUPnP… it plays the first track and then stops. I have to reach for the remote. Note that using the Naim android app doesn’t have this issue.

Personally, I think the “history” sticking is unlikely to be an issue with your network. I have reported my issue to Naim but they can’t / won’t reproduce it and haven’t told me what “history” it is restoring. I suspect it is some incompatibility with Asset UPnP server’s album “shuffle tracks” view, as it happens there most reliability… but support just suggested I use another server when I mentioned that (even though Asset is widely used and robust software shouldn’t lock up like this).

I’ve not had dropouts, but the SU is a recent one with Bluetooth so the streaming board might have a bit of spare processing power.

More constructively, does your problem show itself more or less when you use the remote control / Naim app / something else?

It is happening with Internet radio only. I control it with the app and this history restoring is more prominent on IOS app. I use remote only for volume control. I have a NAS as well (tried both MInimserver and Asset) and accessing folder is a bit slower than I would expect on wired LAN, but no history restoring (It looks like nobody knows the meaning of that message).

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