Naim uniti 1 mk1 no subwoofer output


I have just purchased a new to me Naim Uniti mk1. On setting it all up im not getting any signal to the subs but ive not got a manual so im not sure if i need to do anything more in the settings to enable the output, ive had a look and cant see anything obvious. I have 2 subs and using the orange sub out rca ports but getting nothing on either.

I have tried the large & sub, small & sub in the speakers option as well as large and small on their own and im getting sound out the speakers fine but no sub. I spoke with the seller who said they never used the sub outs.

Can anyone offer advice or things i could try?

The Uniti manual can be found on the Naim website here;

Is Sub output switched on in the menu?

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Thanks Richard, thats really handy.

I have selected large & sub and small & sub from the speakers menu and it didnt make any difference, i had a look through all the other menu options to see if there was an output enable/disable but couldnt really see anything. Both my subs are powered and work fine with my AVR and other stereo amp so i know they are ok.

Not having ever used a Uniti with subwoofers, I can’t really help beyond the manual. However, I do note this paragraph;

The two subwoofer outputs are mono and unfiltered. They are taken after the NaimUniti volume control so subwoofers connected to them will respond to NaimUniti volume control changes. The outputs always reflect the selected input signal and can be switched on or off in the Speakers setup menu.

If that makes no difference then I would suggest a reset of all settings and then try again.

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still no difference. I cant see an on or off only the large, large & sub and small & sub options. Ive updated the firmware and done a factory reset with no difference.

I do hawever get a hum from the subs if i touch the rca cables to the port so there is something happening but no actual bass. Very strange.

That does sound strange. It could well mean there’s a fault. I wonder whether @NeilS has come across such a thing before?

I have indeed seen this before & the most likely candidate is a faulty relay.



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Thanks @Richard.Dane and @NeilS is that an easy fix for someone? Will not be me as i cant even work out how to get the case off. But if i take it to a hifi shop and tell them that is the suspected fault, is it a difficult job?.

It’s a back to Naim job. Your Naim dealer should be able to arrange it for you and give a cost estimate for the repair.

oh thats not good. Thanks for the info

One last thing I would try before packing up your Uniti is a factory reset. Then select the setting you require (Sub + large or sub + small) then restart. Don’t try to play music to test it until you’ve done this.

If that doesn’t work, it’s service time.

Another option which may work is to use the pre out instead of sub out. This will work fine to feed a single sub but you would need to get hold of a DIN4 terminated cable.
If your two subs are daisy chained this would still work with both. Connecting two to the Uniti becomes more complicated.


Its working. I did as suggested and a factory reset, then selected the large & sub option switched off and then on again after 2 mins. Played a CD, it didnt start immedialy but halfway through a song they both kicked in and i have subs. Thanks so much for everyones help. Hopefully this will be it and i can enjoy the amp now

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Its not working again. All i did was setup the wifi and rescan the DAB channels and went back to the CD and again no bass

Do you mean that only the sub didn’t start immediately, or was there no sound at all? The latter would obviously suggest a wider problem than just the sub output.

Yes. I had normal sound and it sounds good from speaker, it was just the subs that at first didnt work but then started and i was happy for about 10 mins.

I went in and setup the wifi and the DAB scan and when going back to the CD nothing from the subs again.

Ive done the reset and turned off a couple more times but nothing again.

i cant test the pre out as no cable but the line out works as i tested that on my other amp, the RCA in for analogue 1 & 2 work, the CD, radio, tidal all work its just seemingly the sub out that has an issue.

Sounds like you’ll have to get the Uniti repaired after all - or get a refund from the seller as it clearly doesn’t work properly.
If you want to try the pre out you could buy a cheap DIN cable from someone like Designacable.

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would i do any damage if i connected the subs to the line out and used the volume control on the sub itself to balance the sound?

That won’t work. The line out is fixed so any change of the volume on the Uniti and you’ll be constantly having to fiddle at the sub end.

well, i think its working.

I did another factory reset, selected the large and sub and pressed nothing else turned it off for a couple of hours, turned on and bass, setup the wifi and DAB and still bass. Put a record on and bass. Im not sure why or what, there probably is a fault but it sounds great.

Giving my Lyngdorf 1120 a run for its money.