Naim uniti 1 Nap 200

Hello. I am the happy owner of a naim uniti 1 with b&w dm604s3 speakers. The opportunity of a Nap200 power amp has come up. Would this be a worthwhile upgrade? all thoughts welcome. Thanks

Using exactly this combo (Uniti 1 and NAP 200) in one setup. I can promise you it will sound different. Would it be worthwhile only you can tell for yourself, giving it a try first is highly recommended.
It was for me, though.

Running a separate power amp with a Uniti gives different results for different people, and is something you really need to try for yourself. The age and condition of the amp can affect its performance too. Also remember that the two boxes need to be set up properly, not stacked.

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Thanks for your thoughts and guidance. Much appreciated.

I upgraded my Uniti 1 with a NAP200. I can say, most emphatically, yes! Whilst the Uniti’s amp is good, for me it lacked a certain something. The NAP200 really did make the difference that had me hooked.

I now have a 250DR, with the same Uniti, but upgraded for 24-bit audio. It sounds sublime.

I use my Uniti into 160/62/HC with SBLs, it is a definite improvement on the Uniti on its own. I’ve never tried a 200, but did try a 240CB lately but went back to the 160.

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I have a NAP 200 and whilst a lot of people favour the 250 over it, the 250 is a whole heap of cash more.
My 200 drives Linn Kans very nicely and I note your B&Ws are a bit more sensitive @ 90dB so a 200 should drive these fairly effortlessly.

Very helpful. Does the bass improve markedly? My old set up used a Crimson pre amp and 2 x Nad 902 power amps as monos and I got a really low bass which I loved. The uniti never quite delivered that. Look forward to your thoughts thanks

Yes, the bass does improve an awful lot. The Uniti simply didn’t have that low end grunt that I was looking for. The NAP200 drove my Monitor Audio RS6s really well, with plenty of bass, and I mean really low bass.

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