Naim Uniti 1 Over heating

Admittedly this has happened only once whilst playing very loud but my Uniti Mk1 overheated and the safety cut out kicked in message read overheated please wait to cool down or words to that effect also it does run quite warm to the touch even when playing at moderate volume. I’ve tried googling but cannot find out how get the temperature to display on the screen.
I’m guessing my 4ohm Dynaudio Contour S3.4s might have something to do with it, other than this though it sounds superb and it is very rare that I play at those very loud volumes I suppose I’m just after some reasurrance that it is just an amp speaker issue and not anything more than that.
ps I’m using Nac A5.

Separate power amps shut down at 70 degrees, so the Uniti probably does the same, but there is no temp. display. Or maybe there is and I’ve forgotten about it, as David says below!

You use the remote, press the spanner or wrench key, scroll down to “factory reset”, press ok, then select “system status”, scroll down a long way and eventually you will see the temp. My SuperUniti which has been on for months but not played anything since the day before yesterday currently says 39 deg.



You can see the temperature by using the
spanner button in the remote. That will open up a menu:

Set up - ok
Factory settings - ok
System status - scroll

(I have this on line 28/36 so quite a bit scrolling)

Thanks Chris, David and osprey I’ll check this as soon as I get home.

My unitilite which is on all the time is 41/42 deg.c.
Naim reckon this is fine

Checked mine per Dave and Osprey’s instructions and its idle at 38 degrees.

Hi Bob,

That idle temperature seems normal & although the Uniti will drive a 4 ohm load quite happily, it will present a more difficult drive & will work the power amp harder.

I would suggest an off board power amp if you wish to “party” often!


A good idea Neil but that’s taking me into SuperUniti territory which might be an upgrade later this year. I have to say listening a few records last night and the analogue inputs on these older Uniti products are really very good.

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