Naim Uniti 2 Bluetooth?

Does the Uniti 2 have Bluetooth. It’s in the write up on 2nd hand hifi as having aptx but the person i purchased one from claims wifi only. Confused.

Bluetooth was added during the lifespan of the Uniti 2 so you need to check whether or not an individual unit has it. There will be a labelled socket on the back for a Bluetooth antenna.

Seems i’m stuffed. Should have looked into this before buying. Bugger.

Do you really need Bluetooth? Depending on what you use it for there are usually better connection options especially when it comes to sound quality.

What is the screw connection on the right hand side. Is this not for Bluetooth? Bluetooth is easier for me due to the nature of how i play my music.

Analogue aerial, for radio

Shows the Bluetooth version

The inputs are labelled, do you mean the FM/DAC aerial socket?

I don’t think @LeeT has that version, check out the picture earlier up the thread, lacking the BT socket.

Yes, it seems so, the BT connection is missing on mine. I would have thought they would all have this connection.

What do you want to do exactly?

It was only about the last year of production that had BT. Same with other green screen Unitis actually. Units with BT usually attract a significant premium for some reason.

Can i use Spotify connect via my laptop through this.

Spotify and Tidal are native on the Uniti2 via the Naim app, but not via the connect feature on the Spotify or Tidal apps.

Wow, have i made a bad purchase. Up for sale next step. Thanks for all the info folks.

Okay, so, but if you use Tidal or Quobuz, then it does that.

If you want to use Spotify it will work fine as long as the Uniti is not running very old firmware that doesn’t support it. You don’t need Bluetooth for that, just the Spotify app.

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