Naim Uniti 2 - Fault 28 "BridgeCo boot fail"

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I have a problem with my Naim Uniti 2. After a few minutes the error message “BridgeCo boot fail” (fault 28) appears and the system freezes completely. Only switching off the system and restarting helps, but the error occurs again after some time.

2 months ago I updated the system to the newest firmware. What could be the problem here and how to fix it?
How could this issue be fixed with the Naim systems of those users that had the same problem already?

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El Faro

This is a hardware fault. You can get the error message when you update the firmware, but restarting the Uniti 2 should clear it. You probably will need to send it for repair once the CV pandemic is over, but as you can’t do that for a few weeks, you might try a factory reset, which you do via the remote control and the spanner or wrench button.

If that doesn’t work then, then you could try to reinstall the firmware, but there is no problem with the latest 4.7 firmware so do that one again.



I have tried a factory reset already, obviously without success. Do you (or anybody else) know what kind of hardware issue this is? Anything that could also be fixed by oneself? Happy to receive your messages… thanks and cheers!

I don’t think there is anything you can do that involves opening up the box and anyway we aren’t allowed to discuss that here under forum rules. But if he’s around @Stevesky could say what it might be and make any other suggestions. (So wait a while to see whether he picks up.)



Hi @El_Faro

Based on the description of the fault I think the unit has a power supply related fault that is making the streaming module to crash. Unfortunately this will need to go back to be serviced, as this is a hardware related fault.

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Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio

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