Naim Uniti-2 (stageline to phono) cable?

Can someone point me in the direction of the correct cable to connect my stageline to my Uniti-2 phono (din socket) please.

It is a 5 pin 240° to 5 pin 240° NA-52 cable. I think it should be supplied with the stageline?

You need a SNAIC 5, which comes with the Stageline.

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I was given a grey din lead with the stageline (2nd hand) but it has 4 pin to 5 pin. Looks like i have been supplied with the wrong cable. Mine is an NA-54 Cable i think, though i would need to check.

I think that ‘NA 54’ designates the Naim employee who made the cable.

Someone will correct me, if this is wrong!

Yes correct. It’s not a cable type, it’s who made it, cleverly obfuscated so no one understands it outside of the factory.

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…although word leaks out from Salisbury occasionally on such matters, and makes its way onto this font of knowledge!

However the number seems to be completely random and is unrelated to any other “person” id in the erp system. It’s probably just written down on a notepad somewhere.

This is what you have.

This is what you need - they cost about £200 but can be found on eBay for about £60, though ensure you get a genuine Naim version. The Snaic 5 should, as others have said, come with the Stageline.

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I have been given the wrong cable. Damn. Now going to cost me & have to wait until one shows up.

Thanks for all the info.

Can you ask the seller for the right cable, or partial refund? I imagine that depends on whether a Snaic 5 was specified in whatever advert you responded to. Failing that, you could possibly return it for a full refund and then start again.

It was purchased on a forum, the guy said he would include the cable so assumed it was the correct cable to connect to my Uniti-2 because i told him this is how it would be used.

I found this on Ebay, it’s very cheap by comparison but looks ok. What do you think.

No, absolutely not. The fact it’s sold by ‘Cool Novelties’ should tell you all you need to know. It’s important to have a proper Naim Snaic. We are not allowed to post links but there is a genuine one there for £75 plus £4 postage.

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Yeah i spotted this. I have contacted him.

Please don’t post commercial links here. Thanks.

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I was just asking if it would work. No intent to sell. It’s not my account, obviously.
Anyway, more importantly, thanks to hungry halibut, i have my answer.

Well a 4/5 DIN cable, thats what you might need in a specific situation if you power up the Stageline from separate PSU.

Not necessarily intended doing wrong deliveries from your seller.
The cable should have same value as buying a Snaic 5 or thereabouts.

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