Naim Uniti 2

Hi good people.
Can i use a Naim Flatcap 2X with my Naim Uniti 2 or could i only use that to power a Name Stageline?
Many thanks in advance.

You can’t use the Flatcap 2x to power any part of the Uniti. However, you can use it to power a Stageline, yes. For this you’ll need a SNAIC5 and a 4-5 Interconnect.


You can also use the Phono Din socket on the Uniti2 to power a Stageline.

Yep i gathered that but I’m using something a bit better than the Stageline at present.

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I have a uniti2, best way to upgrade? I’d recommend u buy an old nap200 and plug it in to uniti2- AWESOME!!!

I did think of adding a power amplifier and buying a preamp later on and using the Uniti in the living room, i’ll have a look at them and the newer ones as well.

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If you’re thinking of upgrading my advice would be that you shouldn’t neglect the importance of the source and preamp. I’m not a big fan of the Uniti + power amp combination generally, although it can be a useful option for some, especially with more demanding speakers.

If you intend to move on from the Uniti later, you should plan your endgame system first and work towards it in order to avoid buying stuff that soon becomes redundant. If you intend to move to a full separates system with source, preamp, power amp and power supplies in separate boxes a 200 or other power amp could be a good choice. If you are considering a simpler 2 or 3 box system such as NDX/Supernait you might decide that an integrated amp is a better first move.

I’m lucky enough to have my end game (For now) system in a dedicated room that I’m very happy with at the moment but the Uniti 2 is situated in the kitchen / lounge area with streaming from Tidal or FM being the main sources we listen to most so no upgrading required on that front. I would just like a bigger sound with more bass from it. I have a pair of ATC SCM12 Pros that the Naim drives ok, but I’d like to see what they can do with more grunt.

Fair enough. I suspect what you really need for those ATCs is a 250!

This is the thing with this forum, most can’t see limited budgets or that actually even the ‘lower end’ Naim kit can offer great bang per bucks- the nap200 is relatively inexpensive and offers great enjoyable music added to the Uniti - I can’t see what the at least double priced nap 250 would bring but of course it has to be pushed over the 200. I’ve enjoyed my 200,for years and just regretted spending big cash on a 300- certainly isn’t like twice or even four times better than the 200 but it cost way way way more!!

No, he doesn’t need a 250, my 200 was ample for pmc twenty 5.26 with three way drives.

The OP uses ATC speakers, not PMCs. They respond very well to amps with plenty of power, and I am firmly of the opinion that a 250 would be a better match for him than a 200.

… and that’s my point, you may well be of the opinion that 250 will be better, others may push a 300… the op may however just as much enjoy a 200, it is only 10w per channel behind a 250 and costs a few £K less

That 10W may not seem like much but there’s a big difference between the 200 and 250 in terms of speakers they can drive comfortably. I’m not just egging on the OP to spend more cash, and I am most certainly not going to suggest running a 300 off a Uniti, that would be a wildly inappropriate distribution of funds. If he was to go for a 200 I would suggest a change of speaker because I don’t think it would be a great match.

To put this in perspective, ATC recommended an amp of at least 150W into 8Ohms for the SCM12. Naim amps may be conservatively rated, but this might give some indication of why an amp with plenty of power to spare would be a more appropriate choice here.

To be fair the ATCs were slotted into this system from my main system after i replaced them with floorstanders but the ATCs were certainly more powerful sounding connected to my Hegel 590, not so with the Uniti.
Maybe I’d be better off selling the ATCs and getting something less difficult to drive.
This being my second system, I’d rather not spend wads of cash.

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