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Hi folks Can I tell the year of manufacture by the serial number on the amp ?

If you later plan to move to a preamp such as a 202 or 282 the 200DR makes sense, as it will power the preamp. If you plan to stay with the Uniti or move to a 272 then an older non DR 200 would be just as good and a lot cheaper. I’m not a fan of the 250.2 and find it a bit fat and lumbering. The 200 is more fleet of foot. The 250DR is a different beast and a wonderful amplifier. If you think you might get a 272 the 250DR makes a great partner.

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Yes if you go to Naim’s website under customer support or something like that they have a list of years and the corresponding serial numbers.

Also if it’s an older unit, if you call Naim support with the serial number they can tell you whether it’s ever been serviced by them (they won’t know if it’s been serviced by someone else or not of course).


Look here:

Hello Again Dave I’ve just bought a 250-2 to use with my Uniti 2 . The unit was sent by courier and when I took the amp out of the box I noticed a dent on the top right corner and also the back plate had a crease in the same area . It was then I remembered the box had quite a dent in one corner . I emailed the shop with pictures and they have ordered a new case and arranged uplift ( they have been really helpful ). Anyway I hooked it up to the Uniti t .Their was a fair old thump through the speakers when I turned it on and I was wondering if this was normal, also there is a very noticeable hum from the unit ? Any advice welcome . Thanks Dave

That’s unfortunate, the courier must have given that box some serious abuse to cause that much damage.
As for the thump, that’s quite common. Just make sure the Uniti is muted to avoid any nasty surprises when you switch on the power amp.
Hum is another matter, it seems to vary from one unit to the next as well as possibly depending on your mains supply quality.

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I agree with @ChrisSU above. This is simply DC on the mains and it’s a common problem and isn’t a problem with the unit itself. Please let is know how you get on.

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Hi Again I got the 250-2 back and its like new . The dealer gave the amp a thorough check before fitting the new case and everything is as it should be . I’m now thinking of speakers : PMC Twenty 24/23 : Proac D8 / D18 / D20 or maybe an IPL self build …Any thoughts ? The speakers can only sit 12" from rear wall and I’m a bit worried of too much bass .

Thanks Again


I’m running the PMC 25/23 from a Nova, 30cm out from the wall, in a 4.3m*4m room, the bass is tight, fast, deep and well-controlled.

I couldn’t stretch to the 25 /23 .Do you think the older 20 / 23 or 20 /24 would be ok ?



Well, I’m very, very pleased with my IPLs. They are just, well, divine! I’ve had mine for three months now, and they have taken that length of time to settle. They sound just wonderful. I wrote a review which you can find here -

Yes, I really liked them. It’d be good to have a listen, some people (not me) found their treble abrasive.

Hi,I would go along with person who said the 250 would show up the flaws in the Uniti. I would say that out of all my Naim gear the piece most likely to survive a radical overhaul of the system is my NAP 200.

My room is about your size and I would say as far as speakers are concerned the ones that people seem to like with Naim are Neats, Kudos, PMC. I myself use Harbeths

The 250DR did not show up any flaws in my original Uniti. At all. The Uniti was upgraded with the 24-bit DAC which was a definite step up in sound quality and is comparable to the other Naim streamers, bar the ND555. It’s as good as the N272 and NDX, having heard them and not being able to tell any difference between them.

The 250DR was a huge step up, and it will be a step up for other Uniti owners too, even over the NAP200 providing, of course, that the Uniti is 24-bit capable.

I find your assertion that the original Uniti is as good as any Naim streamer bar the ND555 rather difficult to comprehend, as to my ears, the step up in sound quality to an NDX is huge, and the newer models are another step up.

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I will change the word flaws to differences between the Uniti and higher priced Naim units

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The U2 is a stunning piece of kit which I’ve happily (mostly) owned for 6 years now. I can understand your happiness with finding out what it can do but I’d caution against adding bits to it unless your ultimate goal is something like an N272 + 250DR. A large part of its charm is its simplicity and coherence, along with knowing that the sound signature will remain stable as there are unlikely to be any further software updates.

I was really tempted by the new Uniti line initially but the U2 still sounds excellent and, as I get older and more paranoid, I noted I’d have to sign up to Google to use the unit properly. That’s not happening.

For my listening (CD, FM, DAB, Spotify, TV) the U2 does everything I could want, and with style. It also allows me to add a record player at some future stage once they find a way to stop you playing any digital music without incurring a charge each time…

It is only recently that the Star caught up with these capabilities when it added the FM and DAB option, and to my mind it doesn’t do enough more to entice me to change just yet.

I’m now officially a grumpy old man as I don’t want an electric car for some of the same reasons - basically you’re being recorded and spied on constantly and remotely. I just don’t understand why anyone would accept that in something they have to pay a lot of money for…


Nice recovery :smile:


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