Naim Uniti and bluetooth/wi-fi

Hello Naim Forum

I am hoping you may have some ideas on an issue that seems complicated to a non-techy person like me, but is possibly very simple to you….

It concerns a Naim Uniti that I bought new in, I think, 2010.

The unit is wired up to drive four pairs of speakers situated around the house. It occurs to me that it might be good to move on from the old speakers, in favour something such as Sonos One or Boom. I think I’m right in saying that these work from wi-fi and bluetooth, respectively. I think I’m also right in saying that my Uniti doesn’t have provision for either, but it may be possible for it to be adapted. Is that the case? If so, can anyone tell me what is involved?

I’d be grateful for any help or advice you might be able to offer. One answer, of course, is simply to buy new kit but I’m now retired and not as flush as I was! Again, any thoughts welcomed…

With best wishes


Hi Brian, your Uniti can’t be used to play simultaneously in sync with other non-Naim players such as Sonos. All brands have their own proprietary multiroom functions but you need to be all Naim, or all Sonos, or whatever other brand you choose. You could achieve this by adding a Naim Muso or Muso QB if you want all-in-one players using Naim multiroom.
As your Uniti is farly old you may need to run a firmware update to get multiroom working.

Systems like Sonos are full standalone boxes; they don’t utilize any external amplifiers or streamers or something. They can work together as a crowd (of in principle independent systems); but usually only within the same vendor.

So, when you replace all your current passive (?) speakers with those, your Uniti would be kind of redundant from concept. (If you move them all at once/completely. There might be different support for streaming services, other sources, etc. pp.)

I am wondering how you drive 4 pairs of speakers with your Uniti (Atom, Star or Nova) as there are only plugs for one pair of speakers. Do you have multiple Unitis for that?

Anyway, just like your Uniti, newer Sonos speakers support Apple AirPlay 2 which allows you to play music on all these device simultaneously.

It’s an original Uniti. No AirPlay.

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