NAIM Uniti Atom - Artwork Freeze (Happened 1 Time Only) - TIDAL

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Good day/Merry Xmas/Happy New Year to All of You!

I have been enjoying my ATOM and today I experienced an artwork freeze on my ATOM while on TIDAL. I was able to switch Albums and that played well, but the ARTWORK didnt change and was stuck.

A complete shutdown and AC plug off and reboot solved this issue. I hope the BETA team would address this on the Version 3.6 Firmware roll out soon. Appreciate the pointers


Had the same thing a few days ago but i was just listening to music from my synology nas, not tidal. Only way i could get it to change was to unplug and reboot the atom.

When streaming via AirPlay I noticed if you change to another album the artwork fails to change.
I have found if I press the pause button on my Uniti Star then un-pause the artwork corrects itself.

I wonder if doing the Naim front panel pause, un-pause trick will work when streaming TIDAL?

Hi, I have experienced recently that when I play an Internet Radio Station and decided to change the station selection via the remote, the artwork doesnt change. The music content changes but NOT the artwork. This also is recent discovery a few days back. The only to overcome this is to completely turn off the main AC plug and reboot. NAIM we need a fix on this.

Had a similar issue with a customer’s Atom & Qobuz a few weeks ago.

Reported the matter to Naim and they have acknowledged they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

Now only a matter of time…


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