Naim Uniti Atom HE and Sennheiser HD 800s headphones


I’ll be ordering my next Naim kit, the Uniti Atom HE. Currently listed to headphones on my Chord Mojo/Poly on the Roon server and a Naim MuSo2.

I will audition some cans, Focal Clear MG are on the top of the list (Focal/Naim same company) but also looking at the Sennheiser HD 800s cans.

They show a 300ohm impedance and wondering if the HE can power these?

Anyone use the Sennheiser HD 820 or Focal Clear Mg on the HE?

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It will have no trouble driving the Focal Clear MG or the Sennheiser. A 300 Ohm impedance is normally an easy load to drive. As impedance goes down (I have DCA Stealth 23 Ohm headphones) more current is needed and some amps can’t really do that for loud passages. The sensitivity of the headphones is also a factor, but the Clear MG and the HD 800 are fine in that regard as well. I have the Atom HE and the ‘regular’ Atom. The difference in headphone capability is quite evident. The regular Atom really needs easy to drive headphones, but the HE can drive just about anything.

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I’m using Focal Clear Mg and Celestee with my Atom HE. I wasn’t fussed on the stock cable (not the SQ so much but it was a bit stiff and I didn’t like the feel of it) so I got a Moon Audio Silver Dragon XLR cable (proved to be a bit expensive hear in the UK when customs duties were added!). I’m really happy with both headphones but especially the Clear Mg’s (with or without cable upgrade)…

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Thanks for the info here cephas, much appreciated. Nick

I did try the Sennheiser 820’s something just not right with them that I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I’m looking at the open back 800S, readings some reviews the 820’s need a lot of EQ.

Yes the 820 has a weird issue that’s tricky to describe but they sounded very odd to my ears and certainly not £1500 headphones……

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My HE started life with the Sennheiser 800s phones and I found nothing to really complain about……

Eventually upgraded to Utopia 2022’s and yes certainly better, but, of course, for the price they ought to be :innocent:.


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I have an Atom HE and also both of those headphones (focal clear mg and sennheiser HD800S).

The Atom drives both of them with no problem at all.

I compared them on the HE a while back and thought the Focals were a better match, so the MGs are always connected to it now.

The sennheisers are now in a different room connected to a violectric 222 (connected to rca out on my ndx2) , which is also very good.

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