Naim Uniti Atom HE Firmware Update

How long does a typical firmware update take for the Uniti Atom HE. The download bars have progressed across and gone off the screen. Then the screen continues to say…“Firmware Update.” And underneath that…“Downloading Firmware.” It continued to display those two items for, maybe, a couple hours. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the NAIM app on my phone, unplugged the AC power on the Uniti Atom HE.

So this is my second try at the firmware update. So far it’s been about 1/2 an hour. The download bars have once again progressed across the screen. That took about 1/2 hour. The screen says…“Firmware Update” and “Downloading Firmware.” Do I just need to be more patient? The Uniti Atom was working flawlessly before the update. I’ll let it go until about bedtime…four hours or so and see if it’s downloaded. Any comments or suggestions?

You do need to be patient, but it shouldn’t take that long… Are you connected via wi-if or hard-wired? And is your internet connection otherwise performing OK?

My NDX2 did exactly the same and stuck at the same point over several tries. I removed the power (actually left it overnight) and the download and installation worked fine this morning.

My Unti is hard wired to the internet. Everything was working fine before the update. I let it go overnight and I just started the update again. I’m waiting for the bar to progress across the screen again. There are two separate bars that progress across the screen, one after the other. Takes about 10-15 minutes for them to complete navigating across the screen. When the indicator bars complete crossing the screen, it still says “Firmware Update” on the Uniti screen. When I navigate back to the Home Page it still says “Update Available.” Should I disconnect the power and reboot the Uniti and the router?

Yes, I would suggest you power cycle your Uniti - unplug and leave unplugged for around 30 minutes.

In the downtime, reboot your router, too.

I just did that but I only left the Uniti unplugged for a couple minutes. I’ll try it again for 1/2 hour. It’s till going through the last download sequence. I’ll let it finish then reboot the router and the Uniti for 1/2 hour. Then I’ll try the download again.

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Thanks. It may sound odd leaving it longer, but there’s a good reason - the buffer means things keep on working away even when you remove from mains power.

Yes, I had the same long delay/stuck mode when downloading the firmware to Uniti Atom. I rebooted but only after a few seconds which took it out of stuck mode but left the firmware yet to be installed. I’ve hesitated to do it again and not had the issues related to firmware installation before. I am Ethernet connected.

I’ll try the ‘leave it unplugged’ method for a longer period (overnight) and try again.

OK, took the dog for a walk. The Uniti, LAN cable, router, and Anroid phone were all powered off for 45-60 minutes. Everything came up just fine. The Uniti is playing internet radio and all streaming functions are working. But, when I open the home page on my smart phone, the download icon is still there on the page that says “Music Room.” I want to emphasize everything is working just fine. But it seems the Uniti is not recognizing the firmware even after the two download bars navigate across the stream.

OK, so when I activate the download icon the next page that comes up says “Can’t find room,” and then the Uniti proceeds to display the download bars on it’s screen as they navigate across the page, one after the other. Takes about 15 minutes. So, to reiterate, everything having to do with the streaming and playing music works very well. I’m just not sure the Uniti is recognizing the firmware update???

Strange. Looping in @tomvamos in our software team for potential insight.

Not sure I understand? Is there something I should do at this point? BTW, thank you for your help.

Just alerting Tom from our software team to this thread, as he may have additional suggestions.

If everything is working fine, I wouldn’t worry too much.

OK. I understand.

In addition to the information above, when I open the app on my smart phone and go to the 1st page that’s displayed, it says “Music Room.” OK so far. However, the page also displays the download icon, even after I’ve supposedly downloaded the firmware update. I simply don’t think the Uniti is recognizing the new firmware. I doubt it’s actually downloaded. It shows the progress bars going across the download page. But when the download is complete and the bars disappear, nothing happens. So, I don’t know if the new firmware has been downloaded or not???

Yes, everything is functioning fine with the Uniti. But I’ve restarted, rebooted, unplugged, plugged back in, left everything unplugged over night. By “everything” I mean the Uniti power cable, LAN cable, router, and smart phone. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the NAIM smart phone app. Not sure what else to do at this point. It would be nice to know if the new firmware is/has been downloaded. As I mentioned above, I don’t think it has. But I have no way to tell for sure. So, what do you think?

Have you tried deleting and then adding back the Naim app on your smart phone?

You can easily check which version of firmware is installed by looking in the Naim app for settings in the Music Room home page. It’s under “About” and is called “System Version”.

After downloading the new firmware, installation takes 5 or 10 mins and the product goes off line to do this, then comes on again afterwards. There is much activity with the screen and lights. So I think your’s hasn’t actually installed the new firmware. Anyway I suggest wait to see what Tom says.

Mike, yes, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the phone app.

It says I currently have app version 2.22.2. Is that the latest version? On the “Firmware Update” page it shows my installed version as and the available version as We’ll see what Tom says.

The current versions (and the changes they include) are pinned to the top of the Streaming Audio room. Yes, 2.22.2 is the latest for Android, and the very latest minor firmware update for current streamers

OK, so I’m still waiting for comments and recommendations regarding what’s going on with my firmware update attempts. It seems my new NAIM Uniti Atom HE is not downloading the latest firmware update. At this point I’m concerned about future firmware updates. Am I going to be able to download them? Does Tom have any recommendations?