Naim Uniti Atom HE, Media Server uPnP, Wifi and loss of connection


I have a USB card plugged in the back of my Uniti Atom Headphone Edition unit contained my CD library (FLAC format) and use my Uniti Atom Atom unit as a uPnP server. My unit is connected to my router using Wifi. They are just a few meters distants.
I use another streamer (Marantz ND8006) to access (uPnP) my Uniti Atom. This streamer is connected to my router with an Ethernet cable.

Here’s the problem encountered:
My streamer can see my Atom unit as a uPnP server and access its library. Still when playing an album, it happens very frequently that my streamer loss the connection to the Uniti Atom unit (there is an error message displayed on the front pannel of the ND8006) in the middle of song and then move to the next song.

I have the same FLAC library hosted on another uPnP media server and that I don’t have this problem when using it from my streamer ND8006.

From my Uniti Atom, I can connect and stream Hi-Res audio songs from Qobuz with no loss of connection at all. So I’d say WiFi works well.

Note 3:
I have tried as well to connect directly my Atom unit to my router using an Ethernet cable and it works flawlessly, I could listen to several albums without loss of connection.

So this lead me to believe there’s an potential issue with the Uniti Atom wifi module (HW / SW) or some issue with the Media Server uPnP firmware?


1/ I know I could use CPL plug to connect through Ethernet but reluctuant to introduce interferences
2/ I know I could use a Wifi Ethernet converter so I can connect using Ethernet.
But in an ideal world, this is an high end unit and would like it to work flawlessly as Wifi is supported.


Do you mean USB Flash drive, or USB SDD Drive? Could it be a connection issue with this? Have you tried say another newly formatted Flash drive and just put one album on it as a test?

Thanks for your reply. I should have added this indeed.
It’s a flash drive. Brand new. SanDisk Ultra Fit 256Go. USB 3.1 130MB/s. I’d say that my music library is about 120GB. And I have no issue at all when accessing it / streaming it locally (local server) from my Uniti Atom when I use my headphone. Not sure then if in that use case, tne Uniti Atom act as a uPnP Server and Renderer, I’d say proabably, because you access it from the Naim App in the “Servers” area and local music displayed looks like it’s indeed a uPnP Server library.

I do agree with what you are saying, but I’d still be inclined to try another USB stick - also I think the Atom has two USB connectors, so I would also try the other one. I’m just wondering if it’s a USB power drawing issue?

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