Naim Uniti Atom HE Subwoofer connection

Hi everyone and thanks for all your input on my earlier question regarding adding a power amp…

I’ll be using the XLR outs on the Atom to connect to whatever amp I decide to get amp and would like to be able to connect a subwoofer at some stage in future. Does anyone know if both the balanced and unbalanced outputs can be used simutaneously?


You will be limiting your choice of power amp significantly if you look for one with a balanced input. Certainly no Naim amps have it, in which case you should use the unbalanced output which is from the RCA sockets.

Yes, absolutely! You can. I have lately been experimenting a lot to get the best out of my subwoofer (Dynaudio Sub 6) with my Atom HE. I ended up feeding the sub with stereo XLR, using the sub’s DSP to optimise for my main speakers, and feeding into the power amp through XLR as well from the sub.

The second best alternative in my case, was to connect the sub via XLR and connect the power amp simultaneously via a RCA-XLR cable. I did not notice any issues with both connected and driven at the same time.

Actually, Ihave both situations still connected at the back of the Atom, so I can easily switch between both alternatives.


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Get a Rel sub and connect to the power amp, then you don’t need the output from the Atom HE

Your sub is perhaps relatively unusual in the it has a balanced input which makes it a good match for the XLR out on the HE. Maybe that was why you chose it?

It was more a lucky coincidence as I like the combination Naim with Dynaudio. I had an Atom connected to the sub via a RCA-XLR cable. And when the Atom HE was introduced I simply HAD to get one. :grinning: And the combination works brilliantly.

Thank you and yes, certainly wrt Naim but I’m finding quite the opposite - lots of excellent power amps with balanced as well as unbalanced connections.

That’s great to hear - which Dynaudio’s do you have? I’m considering both the Evoke 20’s and the Special 40’s. There’s a special on the latter atm which puts them within just a few hundred dollars of the Evokes.

Good idea and thanks

Thanks Richard, so helpful…do you run Dynaudio’s as your main speakers too or just the sub? As I considering buying either the Dynaudio Evoke 20’s or Special 40’s, a Dynaudio sub would be on my shortlist.

I have a pair of Dynaudio Contour S 3.4 LE. The Special 40s I have also heard with the Sub 6 and that sounded excellent!

Our room:

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Not sure what you are asking, but my Atom HE XLR pre out is connected to the stereo subwoofer inputs. The sub’s DSP ‘decides’ what to output to the XLR outputs that are connected to the XLR inputs of my power amplifer (non Naim). I can make some pictures if you like.

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A picture would be really helpful so thanks. Superb room and set up you have too…

Thanks! I can’t take pictures of the back of the Atom HE as it is in the cabinet. I did manage to take some pictures of the back of the subwoofer and the power amplifier.


Thanks for the pictures - super heklpful. Your Dynaudio Sub 6 has many connections options, more than most subs I’ve seen. That’s a plus for me! Thanks again

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