Naim Uniti Atom HE - WiFi or Powerline

Thank you very much for your detailed and concise reply, will take notice of what you said.

Looking at Mesh systems, the TP-Link range of mesh systems seem to get good reviews.


I have no idea why we had problems with mesh. All the boxes were wired and set up correctly. With all of them we had problems with various of our four Naim boxes going awol for no apparent reason. Everything else worked fine, just the Naim’s were affected. I don’t like Amazon but I’m very pleased I bought the first mesh setup from them. Every time a mesh system played up we sent it back and tried another, and when the Nest stopped working we sent it back and got a credit, which we used for the Nighthawk. Our house isn’t huge and the Nighthawk manages to cover both the house and the back garden. So far, touch wood, it’s been ok. But then again, it should be.

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As with any tech kit, vulnerabilities will exist and be exploited.
You likely know that TP-link is chinese owned, while other coys may manufacturer there and in far east, their ownership and likely software development is elsewhere. How you view such issues, ymmv.

Glade it worked out for you with the Nighthawk. Will try the new TP-Link Deco mesh, is a modern house, 4 beds and internal walls are mostly not brick. Currently using a PlusNet Hub2 router which works okay, Naim MuSo2 in conservatory I’m guessing is on the outer edge of ‘good 5Ghz WiFi’, so buying 3 Mesh units should give me better wireless for when I get the Unity Atom HE, as hardwiring Cat5e/6 is something I want to avoid.

All PowerLines now removed from my home networking and plugged into the PlusNet router, including my Roon NUC core which seems (to me) run more smoothly.


I used internet over pwerlines for several years one afternoon heard a pop followed by a burning smell one had caught fire !!!.

Had an aerial guy who also did ethernet installation to run cables to the back go the house and one upstairs all wired via switches as required best £150 I have spent could not believe how much noise the Naim kit was picking up from the devices.

Recently upgraded my EE broadband to full fibre to the house (Last twenty yards or so was wire) the difference in wifi coverage with the latest hub is unbelievable.

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