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I’m thinking of swapping one of my second generation Mu-sos for a Naim Uniti Atom. I would like to know if the Rega PL1 Plus turntable I use with the Mu-so is compatible or do I have to change it.

Second question: are there any small stand-sized speakers (I have to put them on a piece of furniture) that you can recommend for a budget of around €1000? Maybe Focals?

Third and final question: I hope it’s worth upgrading from a second generation Mu-so to a Uniti Atom because it costs twice as much. :sweat_smile:

Your Rega will work fine with the Atom. You will just need a suitable cable with RCA plugs, not the 3.5mm jack that your Muso has.
Will it sound better? Definitely, but try to take your time and listen to a few different speakers. Think carefully about how you place them. Putting them on a piece of furniture is always a compromise, especially if your turntable is on there too.

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Thanks !

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