Naim Uniti Atom (newbie)

Unfortunately, nothing is mentioned in the Atom QRG. Below is excerpt from the supernait 3 manual. So, again, I reckon best to check with Naim support on this for the Uniti Atom.

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Just did a quick Google search:

"The Naim Atom amplifier produced 45 Watts into 8 Ohms and 72 Watts into 4 Ohms, enough to drive modern loudspeakers to very high volume. "

No worries …


I found the same statement indeed. And I have no problem driving my Dynaudios with the Atom.

The technical specs of my speakers are:

Sensitivity: 86 dB (2,83 V/1 m)
IEC Power Handling: 270 W
Impedance: 4 Ohms

Apparently Dynaudio requires the amp to be able to deliver 20% of the IEC power handling specification as a minimum, which in my case would be 54 watts at 4 ohms. Given the fact that the Atom can deliver 72 watts at 4 ohms that supports my experience in real life.

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Klout10, would you mind disclose the source of this information, please? I have found it in the following pdf which is from and interestingly hosted at naim website (

While I do not doubt the information, I would feel more protected or assured as the consumer if it is published in the user manual, like it is for another model (supernait 3, covering nait xs 3 and nait 5si), as stated in earlier post. However, I failed to find this information in naim literatures.


David, you are right.

Naim in general is not sharing much technical specifications, however I would not worry too much …

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I want to thank you all for your kind answers. It’s very difficult to pick a pair of speakers : the options are plethoric, the online reviews countless and every time I seem to make a short list, a new article disturbs it all.

So I was sure I wanted a bookshelf speaker, I am not so sure now :slight_smile: I just saw the B&W 705 Signature and it esthetically striked me. Does anyone have experience with this one paired with the Atom ? The price increasing compared to the 705 S2 is it sonically justified ?

Best regards

As you say, there are so many reviews out there and opinions on here that it can get too much. Best thing is to go and do some auditions - in the end it’s all about how it sounds to you, not what other people think


When I first got my UnitiCute2 I only auditioned 3 speakers based on the dealers recommendations. I find having to many choices leads me to procrastination. I was easily able to select a preferred 1 from the 3 I tried.


I 100% agree @crispyduck but unfortunately some French physical shops tends to behave like online website : they have auditorium but they are reluctant to properly use them. A week ago, I went to shop that indicate on it website : Naim Uniti Atom on demo. Asked to listen it with a B&W 705 S2 that was laying there but unplugged :

  • « No, the Atom Uniti is not available. I would have to bring it from the reserve and I can’t right now (subtile : I won’t) »,

  • Ok, is it possible to listen to the B&W with a Naim amplifier ?

  • I can’t plug the B&W 705 S2 now because…I am busy (not working obviously). But I can plug a Naim Surprenait 3 on a Special Forty, great combo.

  • Ok…

  • *+{^}+= (trying plug it). Ok, the Surprenait doesn’t work. You can listen to the Special Forty on a « Advance Acoustic amp » it’s kind of the same… »

(After 10 minutes).

  • Sire, I have customers who wish to buy a 4000/5000 € speakers right now. If you don’t buy them right now, can you comeback another day »

Ps. I bought my Uniti Atom a week before this episode in the same chain but in another store (better sellers). I can’t even imagine the welcome if it hadn’t been the case. Unfortunately, the small shops that tend to be more respectful have less reference in demonstration.

So, reviews are as informatif as a run to some dealers shop (I don’t know if it’s the same tendance in other countries).

I feel your pain! That’s why I love my local hifi store, they are so willing to swap over different components for audition, bring in mine or take theirs home for trial. Won’t put the shop name here in case this is considered an ad.

Of course I was serious about wanting some new gear. I went almost every weekend checking and listening to other stuff when Uniti release was delayed. First the Atom came, then Star, then Nova so I listened to them quite a few times with different speakers etc by the time Nova came in.

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Hi Davidng,

I finally found an “old fashioned” passionate dealer. We listen to lot of combinaison and he was very informed.

We finally stopped comparing the PMC25 23 and the B&W 705 Signature with both the Atom & the Nova. The PMC25 23 are priced less than the B&W but they seems to struggle when pairing with the Atom.

I eliminated lot of options, and I have now to figure if it’s more durable to invest in a Nova (and sell the Atom) to be “released” from power considerations when picking a speaker. Do you have any advices to share ?

Best regards,

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I started with Atom thinking (and still believing) it is a great bang for the buck. Its screen covers almost the whole face which is nice. It is musical and does well even driving floor standing speakers and less sensitive speakers down to about 86dB/W/m.

When I was waiting and waiting for the Nova, there were numerous times I wanted to get the Atom. But then when Nova finally came, it was worth the wait! The Nova has quite noticeably better grip on bass, it is fast, musical and just puts a smile on my face and makes me get out of the chair. I still want to get an Atom for my study.

Regarding speakers, I already have my ProAc Response 1.5 and wanted to stick to them because I really love them and they match well with Naim. That was a big consideration for me.

That said, PMC twenty5.23 and B&W 705 are quite different and I haven’t listened to the 705 signature version. The B&W is crisp with awesome imaging. It complements well with Naim which mellows out the top end a little making it less fatiguing. PMC I always have a weakness to because it is somewhat similar to ProAc with narrow face, SEAS driver, ferrofluid cooled soft dome tweeter and transmission line hence good bass. It has more bass extension than the B&W.

As far as placement is concerned, given the PMC’s transmission line port is in the front you could put speaker right up against front wall to minimise reflections. Can’t do that with B&W with the lovely dimpled rear port.

I used to love Dynaudio Contour 1.3 mkii special edition. Its cabinet construction with its internal bracing is a work of art, upgraded drivers, premium bi-wire speaker posts all shout quality and it sounded noticeably better, a very solid proposition for the premium asking price. On the other hand, B&W 705 signature differs in 2 things - beautiful gloss finish and upgraded crossover. Unless the skin is vinyl wrap and cracks / bubbles / peels, the lacquered high gloss finish does little for me. Perhaps it does sound much better than standard edition due to the upgraded crossover.

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Yes you can drive quite a few more speakers with Nova as it is 80w v 40w. However, with the right speakers the Atom can really shine. As I suggested at the beginning of the thread, Proac Tablette 10s work really well with the Atom and are great with the type of music you listen to. Personally I wouldn’t have auditioned the Atom with the two speakers you mentioned. However, if what you really want is a pair of floorstanders and something that grips the bottom end well, then you may as well get the Nova now


Customer service is pretty well non existant in France, no one has ever come up to me in a shop and asked if they can help.
It’s almost like customers are an inconvenience and without them there would be a lot less work!

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Thank you very much for your experience sharing, it’s very instructive and it helped me a lot.

Thank you very much.

N’est-ce pas :wink:

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Firstly, I want to thank you all for you kind and instructive contributions. I’ll share with you some new path in my audiophile journey.

So, I had the opportunity to listen a Nova and an Atom with a Sonos Faber Sonnetto II

The Sonos Faber Sonnetto II

I was very surprised and impressed by these little ones even when I compare them to some other speakers I listened to recently (Dynaudio Special Forty, B&W 705 Signature, B&W 705 S2, PMC Twenty25 23). The synergy between these little speakers and the Naim signature is just awesome. They are 4 ohms, I don’t know if it’s safe with the Atom but sonically it’s a very good match. Perhaps not the best in class in every compartiment but as an all, these speakers were just enjoyable to listen to both in classical and jazz music (not very easy to combine the two).

The Uniti Atom
Unlike the PMC 23, the Uniti Atom drove them perfectly. It was a very very good. The bass were here, punch was here to, they provide rhythm and not much harshness (Just a bit on some extreme records that had very present Highs and big contrast : ).
The only issue of the Atom with these speakers is…The Nova.

The Nova
With the Sonos Faber Sonnetto II, both the Atom and the Nova drove them wonderfully, both were detailed so the differences here aren’t attributable to the power gap between the amps.

The Atom was kind of snappier, punchier and more “violent” (but very rhythmic) and the Nova was more cruising, the kind of I am sure of my strength. The Nova provided a more rounded sound with more spatiality, more layers and, subtly, more instrumental separation in concerto music.

I can’t say the Atom was bad and the Nova was a lot better, it’s just a different signature for these speakers. For other speakers (PMC25 23), the Nova was a lot more capable than the Atom.

So the question is now less about Nova vs Atom then the strategy when building a system : is it more coherent to buy a specific speaker for a specific amplifier, even if you know that this amp is short for other speakers and that you would have to upgrade if you need to change the speakers; or do you pick in priority a comfortable amplifier and pair it a speakers you like, and let yourself the opportunity in the futur to pick other speakers, if you want to, without having to worry about the amplifier.

What is your strategy ?

Best regards,

Very very nice. Thank’s for sharing.

When I bought a UnitiCute2 (the predecessor to the Atom), I selected a speaker that I liked the sound presentation of, that the Cute2 could drive. I later found the speaker has plenty more to give with more amplification and is now with a Nova. So, I think, going for the sound signature of a speaker that the amp will adequately drive. Most speakers will then give more as you go up the amplification range if - within reason off course, you get to a point where larger speakers may be required with much higher amplification. Matching the speaker to the room is also very important.