Naim Uniti Atom/Nova headphone amp specs

Couldn’t find info about this through a search, but I’m wondering if anyone has specs for the headphone amps within the Uniti Atom (speaker edition) and the Uniti Nova. I have some harder to drive headphones and wondering if they are able to power them properly. Also wondering if the headphone amp feeds off of the speaker power amp or if it is separate.

Its separate but not sure of specs

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Unfortunately, Naim don’t seem to provide specs for the headphone amps in these units. The Atom (and the Nova) has a pretty good sounding headphone amp as long as they are driving relatively easy to drive 'phones. I would suggest that you need to be 200 ohms and up, and at least in the mid-sensitivity range for a satisfying sound. As always, you could try them out at a dealership, but I would be considering a different headphone amp or different 'phones.

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