Naim uniti atom, question about digital output (sound quality)

Hello, ive got question ive notice when i play music from youtube or external hdd who is connected with TV , play some movie trailers i dont have sound quality and power like when i play it thrue the Tidal app from mobile phone, my Uniti Atom is connected with TV thrue QED digital cable and PS4 is connected with TV with HDMI cable, when i play games, music from tv etc ive notice its not that quality like when i play same music from tidal, hope you understand me, thanks anyway!

Hi, the sound quality of sources like YouTube is usually poor as it’s likely to be a low res compressed MP3 format. So I would expect Tidal to sound better.
If sound from a HDD is poor, have you tried attaching it to one of the Atom USB ports to see if it’s any better?

What I’ve noticed, is very different levels of “volume” depending on source.
This can be partially adjusted in the input settings per source.

Especially, when a source provides surround sound, the volume level is very low.
(I read somewhere (old forum?) this is related to the down-mixing of the channels.)

If it is volume/loudness you are looking for?

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