Naim Uniti Atom Ripping Firmware Update

In John Darko’s Naim Uniti Atom deeper detailing YouTube video, Naim’s Steve Sells said a firmware update was forthcoming that would allow ripping via the Atom’s front USB and storage via the back USB. Realizing this video was shot a couple of years ago, did this update ever materialize? Or did Naim choose not to go that route because of the Core? This would be an awesome feature for the all-in-one Atom! Naim … are you listening? :grin:

IIRC, I think the ripping function through USB was something that was on the original road map but ultimately was dropped before production. I don’t know whether there are any plans to add this in future. You can of course store your music locally via the USB, and the Atom can also function as a server.

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