NAIM Uniti Atom - Sub connection

Hello ive got Naim uniti Atom and Aria 906 i buy today sub SVS 2000 PRO and cable is ive connect it to the output left into sub input left one cable!
from SVS they tell me you will need to connect the left and right audio output of the Atom into the left and right input on the back of the subwoofer. This will transfer a full range audio signal into the sub so you’ll need to turn on the Low Pass Filter in the subwoofer and set it to the frequency where the sub blends best with your speakers.

I need to buy second cable is that right?

If you want to get the bass from both left and right channels you need two cables. It may be wise to check with Naim that the cables are suitable, as they need to have the right level of resistance due to their longer length.

ive connect it with that cable and work well but from svs they told me i need 2 rca

Yes, you do. You should check with Naim that they are ok. You don’t want to risk damaging your Uniti.

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