NAIM Uniti Atom - Suggestions for CDA to FLAC File Conversions

Hi All

I have just got my Uniti ATOM over the weekend and been enjoying the free Tidal HIFI subscription that comes with it for 3 months. In view of my dusty CD collections that I have been keeping for some time, I would like to get some suggestions,

  1. What would be the recommended software to carry out this CDA to FLAC conversion?
  2. I am on Notebook which runs on Windows 10 Pro

I reckon I would need to get a portable disk drive which I haven’t been using for some time:)

Also just to add from my earlier discussions on an earlier posting, the HDMI ARC worked well with my Samsung Smart TV. The setting on the E-ARC on the Smart TV was set to PCM for the codec selection.


Awesome, I wish you lots of good times with the Atom.

I have no idea what CDA files are or why you have them, did you copy the files off the Audio CDs with the Windows File Explorer? But in any case, MediaCoder seems able to convert them:

In case you don’t have the copied CDA files yet and want to rip the CDs properly, there are many other threads about this. Most people use dbPoweramp for good reason, it is pretty brilliant. A recent thread e.g.

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The most popular (& best) CD ripping software used by forum’ites is dBpoweramp. search www for link.
Rip to FLAC & your Nova will love it, plus it will play on most all other players.
dBpoweramp does everything you can imagine & more stuff you didn’t even know you needed.
There are others, some do a good job, but I’ve found the one that comes with Windows fell well short, that was a while back & pre Win10 I should add.


Cda files aren’t usually the audio file but just a header containing the metadata and pointing to the audio file. Unless things have changed in newer versions of Windows I would imagine you need to rip the audio file, wav or flac. I use the win 10 media player/ripper and haven’t had any problems with quality or ability to stream them.


The vast majority of CDs that were well cared for can be ripped in burst mode without any errors (i.e. all errors being caught by error correction), so this will be nearly always fine. The peace of mind that dbPoweramp’s AccuRip and, if necessary, SecureRip provides is nice to have, though.

It is a good idea to have a few options in your CD ripping tool set. When I ripped my collection earlier this year, I used dbPoweramp for the vast majority of them as it is fast and gives good, accurate rips. Some CDs however just wouldn’t rip with dbPoweramp but they did with EAC (good accurate rips but slow compared to dbPoweramp) and a few wouldn’t rip with either but did with Windows Media Player. Also, some CDs wouldn’t rip on the laptop I did most of them on but did with the same software on my desktop computer, all CD drives are not created equal!

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Standards-conforming red-book Audio CDs without scratches, or defective-by-design DRM-ed ones or scratched? I ripped a few hundred with Sound Juicer on Linux and never had one that couldn’t be ripped. But now I am doing all of them and more with dpPoweramp, and properly this time. No failure so far but only 10 CDs in …

To the best of my knowledge standard red book CDs. I look after mine well so most are in mint condition. I did also rip my partner’s collection as well and it is fair to say hers were in nowhere near as good condition as mine but that didn’t seem to matter as they all ripped fine too even when the CD surface looked rather messy. I ripped a few hundred and maybe 10% of them wouldn’t rip with dbPoweramp

Interesting, thanks. Fingers crossed :slight_smile: I bought a CDS3 so that I am not in a hurry when I do it properly as it will likely take years, but I’d still rather prefer it to go without extra hassle

EAC (Exact Audio Copy) for Windows over dbpoweramp it’s free and does the same checks online for accurate ripping.

It does, but in my experience it takes about 4 or 5 times longer to rip a CD than dbPoweramp and that’s significant if you have a pile to get through.

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