Naim Uniti Atom with B&W 603 Floor Stander?

Hello All,


I am planning to upgrade my system to Naim Uniti Atom. I recently bought Bowers & Wilkins 603 floor standing speakers. Recommmeded power amplifier for speaker is 30W - 200W 8Ohm Unclipped program.

Whereas our Naim Uniti Atom power amplifier output is 40W. Will it be sufficient to drive my floorstanding speakers? Do I feellack of Bass due to low power amp?

Anybody has same configuration? If yes please let me know your review.


I think Atom will struggle to drive this. You will need Nova at minimum but I am sure others will chip in to say that you need a SN or pre/power seperates

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The Star can drive the 702’s without issue, the 603’s should be easier to drive. Now, that doesn’t tell you whether an Atom would work, but as many Naim dealers also stock B&W wouldn’t this be something you could try before you buy?

I think Atom will easy drive yours B&W.
Next tip- Atom has a larger transformer than your previous amplifier, for sure :smiley:

Thank you all…! I will try Audition before buying…

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