Naim Uniti Atom

Hi all ,new member here , I have been offered a brand new Atom at a very good price and I have a couple of questions, is the Atom due to be replaced in the near future? and would it be wasted when paired with Q Acoustic 3020i speakers , I,m currently running a Marantz Melody X

The Atom is still relatively new, and Naim’s product cycle doesn’t refresh that quickly. There are still regular firmware updates coming out for the Uniti range (including Atom). If the price is right, it’s a really good single box option.

I’ll leave it to someone else to comment on speaker suitability.

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Can confirm there are no plans to replace the current Uniti range - the products are designed to last many years, with features and functionality being added by free software updates.

Re speakers - yes, the Atom is capable of driving much better speakers, with which you’ll really hear all its talents, but you’d still have a lot of fun with your existing speakers.


It will be current for a long while yet. It will pair very well with the QAcoustics, they seem to fit with the Naim sound very well and are great value speakers that hit above there modest price. I used to have the 2050i and sounded great. You will though likely get more out of it by upgrading them in the future. I know use ProAc Tablette 10 Signatures that are smaller but sound exceptional.

Thank you very much everyone for your replies ,looks like there’s going to be an Atom incoming :+1:


It’s a great amp, I love mine. Give it some time to settle in and you will be rewarded. If you like the Naim sound that is.

Clare - I went from the Star to now Nova. Wish Naim would make a Nova on steroids and keep me from not going separates. The Uniti is such a beautifully engineered product.

To the OP, your speakers will dance with that combo!


Had a demo of one yesterday ,albeit running ÂŁ900 LINN speakers and was blown away with the sound

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Welcome to the Forum and look forward to your comments once you have the Atom up and running!

…btw the search feature on the forum is very useful, it helped when I first arrived on the forum and I still use it. A lot of information on products at your fingertips…

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Thank you ,I’ve ordered it today ,but the earliest day I can accept delivery is the 20th ,got a cracking deal on it too

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I have an Atom with Kudos X3 speakers which sound great.
HOWEVER, one day, just for fun, I hooked up my Q-Acoustics 3020i speakers and I couldn’t believe how great the system sounded!
The 3020i speakers punch way above their price point and are surprisingly good with the Atom.


That’s great to hear :+1:

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Quick update , received my ATOM today , very impressed with it so far , fantastic build quality , and a lovely weight to it too , lovely detailed sound , no regrets so far :grinning:


So what’s the general consensus ,does the Atom need running in to sound its best ,or fine out the box ?

Probably 200-300 hours. Unless it’s a massive improvement over your previous system then it won’t matter.

All Naim equipment starts to show its true potential once you’ve put a few hundred hours of usage on the clock. You don’t need to do anything special - just enjoy it every day.


OK, I’m going to go against consensus and say that all of the Naim boxes I have bought new sounded great from the off. Yes I thought I detected an improvement over time, but the change was subtle and I’m not convinced it wasn’t me rather than the hifi that was adjusting. I think the main thing is to listen to and enjoy lots of music rather than listening out for whether the sound has improved since yesterday. It probably just shows how undiscriminating I am.



Thanks for the reply everyone , much appreciated :+1:

@Wez68 are you using your Q-Acoustic speakers and, how are you enjoying the music?
All good?

Yes I am , sounds brilliant to me

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