Naim Uniti Atom

Good morning everyone. I am new and wanted to know what is the best tablet to use to control the Uniti Atom and why.



iPad as the IOS operating system has been developed to a greater degree than the Android system.

I used to use the Android app but have switched to the IOS app which is much better.


Great and thanks!

Seen the question asked a few times and the reply seems consistency iOS

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I use an iPhone, as that’s what I have anyway, and I don’t feel the need for a larger device. I’ve also used an Android device just to see how it performed, and for me it worked just as well. Others have had problems with them, and I suspect this may in part be down to the wide variety of hardware from different brands that it has to work on.

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Sorry It’s not more developed then Android it’s just a closed system with known hardware requirements. Android has a greater variety of devices and each manufacturer can tweak the OS and hardware to their liking. Like anything closed it’s easy to optimise it but it also becomes less flexible in other areas. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hi I have used android and iOS, my experience has been that the iOS was much better than android,regards Steve.

I think it’s the IOS app that is more developed than the Android app, rather than IOS is more developed than Android.

In any case I also agree that an iPad is the way to go.



I use both an iPad and my iPhone on occasion. You can find a refurbished iPad to save some money if you don’t currently use apple products and do not want to pay full price…

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I just bought a new IPad mini. My IPhone X keeps falling off and won’t find the room unless I restart my phone.

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Android works fine for me with the Naim app.


I did like the iPad Mini, but reverted back to Android via my mobile.

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