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Bonjour, j’ai acheté récemment un ampli Uniti Atom, je rencontre un petit problème d’affichage de l’écran.
Celui-ci est noir quelques fois sans donné d’indication. Est-ce normal? Je suis obligé de passer par ma tablette pour avoir accès aux informations sur les stations radio par exemple qui ne s’affichent pas sur l’écran de contrôle de l’ampli. Merci d’avance pour votre aide.

I believe there are options as to how the display shows, accessed using the app.

If you repeat your question in English (this is an English language forum) then you should get an answer from an Atom owner.

Bonne chance.

Sometimes the Atom display blacks out and stops showing any info, at which point Georges has to resort to the App on his tablet for info on e.g. the radio stations. He asks is this normal? Which is to say, I presume, is it a known bug and can he do anything about it.

I don’t have an Atom so can’t answer, but that’s the problem and question so others can now pitch in to help…

A power cycle should sort it out. If it keeps on happening then factory reset.
Does the Atom have the latest firmware?

yes it has

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If that doesn’t work then contact your dealer. Bon chance

thank you very much

thank you very much

Hello, I recently bought a Uniti Atom amplifier, I have a small problem with the screen display.
This is black a few times without giving any indication. Is this normal? I have to go through my tablet to access information on radio stations, for example, which are not displayed on the amplifier control screen. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Georges

Welcome to the forum.

In the app you can set the Atom to turn off the display after a short time, once it starts playing. I have set mine up to do this, but the proximity sensor still works. If I wave my hand in front of it, the display comes on. Does yours do this? If not, I’d try switching off, unplugging, waiting a while and switching on again.

Hope this works, the Atom’s a fun bit of kit.


good evening PeakMan, thank you for your response, I configured the screen on the tablet. I’ll check tomorrow if it works properly. I am very happy with my purchase Naim is a great brand. I plugged in Dali speakers it works amazing

On the Nova you go into the Naim app, find other settings and then display. Select the checkbox for display on all the time or to go off after a few seconds. I assume it will be the same on the Atom.

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