Naim Uniti Core & Amazon Echo Show

Naim Uniti Core & Amazon Echo Show. Are they compatible?
ie I control my Core through my iPad. It feeds a DAC direct through SPDIF. I don’t own a streamer of any kind.
My friend has an Amazon Echo, and I wondered if the Echo Show, with its lovely screen, could be put to use in my system? Prioritising SQ of course, but adding functionality?

I have an echo dot and spot which I connect to my Superuniti by Bluetooth. Its pretty good for background music.

I know the Amazon devices can be used to control a number of things, other than to just play tracks from Amazon Music, etc.
So can an “Amazon Echo” be used to actually CONTROL a Naim device by voice control, perhaps VIA the Naim app on an iPad?
OR can an “Amazon Echo Show” show the album playing, (ie what you can see on the iPad, almost like a dumb secondary screen) when it is being actually controlled BY the iPad?

I have a logitech harmony remote control for the telly, superuniti, dvd player and rega cd player. It has an alexa skill that enables voice control to adjust volume, change track, input etc.

That seems so useful. Thank you.

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