Naim Uniti Core App Oddity

Lately I’ve been adding to my music collection filling in some gaps by buying used CDs or borrowing from the local library. So I’m busy ripping a half dozen CDs and they are all lining up nicely in sequence on the “Newest CDs” display. Except for one. I ripped it and it didn’t appear there. I ripped it a second time and again it wasn’t there. I watched the entire rip a third time and saw there were no ripping errors, yet again i couldnt find it! Then by chance I spotted an entry without cover art about 10 rows down and there was my elusive CD. What was it doing way down there??? I know this isn’t an important issue, but it puzzles me greatly. Anyone know why?

Had you already ripped it earlier, or perhaps a duplicate disc? If so, it replaces the earlier dip but stays in original position in the most recently ripped list.

I thought of that, but it doesn’t look familiar to me. Even so, I’ve looked for a second copy among my CDs and can’t find one. I suppose I could have borrowed it from the library and was oblivious to ripping it, but I really don’t think so. I follow up on missing album art in the minutes after I finish ripping something. I only spotted it because lacking cover art it stood out. So I’m still stuck with thinking it’s an odd oddity.

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