Naim Uniti Core Backup Issue

Every time I start backup process Core makes backup of the whole music library. So it takes a lot of time. As I remember the backup function worked properly before several firmware updates and Uniti Core only added last CD rips to the backup folder. Is it possible to solve this issue?

You could try restarting the Core, taking the power off completely, not just putting it to sleep with the front panel button.

If that doesn’t fix it, then please do report it to Naim technical support because there are a few reports of Core backup issues (although I think that is mainly when the backup is to a NAS - I haven’t heard of any problem backing up to a USB HDD) and they need information to solve the problem.



Thank You. Yes the backup process is to a NAS.

Yes as David says please let Naim know…i have a vague recollection of this being raised before, not sure of the outcome.

It’s not resolved yet Gazza…

OK thanks David

Eugene, Naim tell me there’s hopefully a fix for this in the pipeline, and it’s just gone to Beta release. Perhaps you would like to join the Beta group - it would be very useful for the test team to know whether it fixes your problem. You can contact them by email -

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Richard, thank you for a contact. I’ll think about it.

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