Naim Uniti CORE issue

Hi all, my first ever issue with CORE - increasingly frequent pauses during playback, slow to advance to next album track etc. I did a “factory reset”, inserting power cable whilst holding in the power button. Now, what is the next stage? Do I do a rebuild of the Database via the app? By doing so, will I compromise my music data - many thousands of albums/ tracks etc?

Hi, are you using the SPDIF digital out or UPnP over your network? The latter can cause dropouts if the network has issues.

Hello :blush: sorry can’t help as I don’t (as you know) have a core. Hope you get sorted soon!

Before doing a database rebuild I would first do a power down of the network - router, switch etc… Is it hard wired to the network ro connected by a wireless access point? Are you fully up to date on FW and app version?

Hi Richard, yes, latest FW and app. Never had an issue until earlier last week and I’ve had this since early 2017. All Naim spec HDD, 2Tb. I’ve done a full network re-set - router, switches etc. Audio switch is Melco S100 - also reset; everything is hard wired. I’ve commenced (via the app) the Database re-build and accepted the scary “are you sure,” prompts. Unfortunately, I’ll not know how it’s progressing as there is no progress indicator. 1800 albums, when dare I dip my toe in the app to see what’s there? I’ll absolutely not be playing music until it’s completed the task, assuming it does…

UPnP - best as recommended by Naim I believe.

I doubt rebuilding the database will solve your issue, although without a firm diagnosis it’s hard to say.
I would suggest you eliminate any possible network issues by eliminating hardware and cables that could be defective. Try connecting the Core and your streamer directly to your router with no switches.

Have you been in contact with support? I wonder if it’s a sign of a failing drive.

interesting, I hadn’t thought of that and perhaps I’d discounted this sub consciously, mindful that the drive is not exactly working hard! It’s a Pipeline HDD per Naim but then again always a possibility. I’d have expected longer lifetime than this tbh.I have spoken to Naim, helpful as far as they can be without seeing the unit. They recommended the factory reset/rebuild database as a starter for ten.

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If you look at the Albums list in the Naim app on the Core homepage and scroll all the way down to the bottom, you will see the current number of albums indexed and if it’s still going then you will see it incrementing by a few albums every half minute or so. I would expect 1800 albums to take less than an hour. You shouldn’t lose any metadata etc in this process of re-indexing by the way.

Apart from a failing hard disk, the other thing is just to check how full your hard disk is. Once you get into the 90% plus area, things can go weirdly wrong.

Hi David and thanks. Out if 2TB less than a third of drive has been used. Mostly FLAC file format. I’ve just checked and in two hours, only THREE albums indexed. It’s gonna be a while! Perhaps the HDD is end of life? Surely but though.

A defective drive is always a possibility. At least, if that turns out to be the problem, replacement and a restore from backup is relatively straightforward compared to chasing hard to diagnose software or LAN issues.

I reindexed my Core recently as a part of a beta testing issue and for 700 albums it took about 20 mins. That was an SSD rather than an HDD, but it shouldn’t take that much longer. Also I reindexed when I used to use a HDD and it wasn’t especially slow.

If it were me, I would buy a new SSD, fit it in the Core and restore my backup to it. A restore of 1800 albums is going to take about 24 hours I reckon, give or take.

Hi all and thanks for your kind replies. I’ve taken on board all suggestions and comments and despite full network re-start, re-build of music database (which failed miserably - indexing of just four albums took nearly six hours), I shut down the Core, removed the HDD and replaced with a new similar - 2TB Seagate Pipeline Video HDD running at 5,900 rpm - exactly as Naim suggest. I then restored the music from a similar spec (backup) external HDD via USB and ten hours later, all 1650 albums have been restored and appear to play as they should. I’m pleased because the backup retained all my favourites and all artwork is intact. So just over five years of run time with the original HDD - not spectacular but in a fanless enclosed space inside the Core, I guess probably about right. I have ordered two more similar spec HDD’s for stock, cheap enough but dwindling stocks it would appear. I did consider going down the SSD route and may one day look at this. However, I’m once again, “with music” and big thanks to all who responded. Richard Dane - your suggestion that the HDD was about to fail was right on the money! :slight_smile:


… footnote…to all using the Core, any comments regarding use of internal SSD rather than 3.5" HDD? Any sonic benefits at all? I understand that audio grade SSD’s are seriously costly and with little advantage.

Which SSD are you using David?

Samsung 870 EVO 2 TB which costs, for example, about £200 from Amazon if you are in the UK.


SSD is faster, totally quiet and cooler running. I don’t think there are any differences between HDD and SSD sound quality wise, but no doubt there are people with views in both directions who can jump in.


One big difference I have found is the way they fail; When an SSD fails it’s sudden and chance of recovery is slim to nil (yes, I have had this happen on a Crucial 1TB SSD). HDDs tend to do so comparatively gradually so you get a bit of warning and can often be recovered either partially or in full. Either way, whichever you choose, a good back up strategy is essential.

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