Naim Uniti Core problems as source player

Hi All,

I’m currently using my Naim Uniti Core and a music source, playing directly from the Coaxal BNC output, into a Chord M-scaler/Chord TT2 Dac.

I use also an Oppo 203 blu ray player as a source sometimes for CD via optical tos link, and have had no playback problems what so ever.

With the core, I randomly get drops in the output while playing music at times, and this has become annoying.
This has also caused the TT2 to loose connection and cycle through the frequency range from 44.1 kHz , up to 705khz when a loss of sound has occurred.
Don’t know what can be causing this, but the Oppo playing 44.1khz red book cds, and upscaling 705khz , everything is rock solid.

Any help I can get, I’ll be most grateful.


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It sounds like it’a losing lock. What cable are you using? Are you using any adaptors?

Hi, Thanks for the response.

I’m currently using a Chord Clearway BNC to rca phono digital cable, with a BNC adaptor on the chord M-scaler end.

Now that you mention it, I’m wondering if the adaptor is suspect on the chord end?

BNC adaptors should be avoided if at all possible and can also go bad very easily. Much better to use a proper BNC to BNC cable here. I use a Naim DC1 between my own Core and DAC and have no issues. Try a 75 ohm BNC-BNC cable. If the drop outs cease then you’ve found the problem.

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Thanks for the advice, I think this is where I’m going to look first, and hopefully this will solve the problem I’m experiencing with the core.

I shall report back when this is done.

Thanks for your help.

I use my Core exactly the same way as you, BNC out into an Mscaler/TT2. I have never had any dropouts, and like Richard said, I would look at getting a proper Bnc to Bnc cable. I use Naims DC1 cable myself.

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Just a quick update on my Naim Uniti core.
I changed the cable, for a BNC to BNC cable.
I’m still getting the occasional drop outs in sound, while playing music.
While these are few and far between, they still happen.
So it’s not a cable issue.
I’ve now swapped sockets on the back on the chord M-scaler, and taken the Naim out of BNC 1, and plugged into BNC 2 on the M/Scaler.
Going to give this a try.
I’m currently waiting on a CEC TL5 cd transport from Japan, that I intend to plug into BNC 1 on the M-scaler. If I get no drop outs from the CD transport, then I can assume the Uniti core is the issue. I’ll check back as soon as I can.

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I have been having similar isues with my core.

Core via Paul Pang Quad switch to NDS.
NDS to Nac-252.

All was ok then… I will be playing music ripped to Segate HD as recommended by Naim…

Then out of the blue music stops!
Msg on NDS states Stopped. I reset core as per reset proceedure and end up having to do that 3 + times…

Re-asign HD store/backup etc…

Regardless of afore actioned…
Core stop playing music as displayed on NDS “STOPPED”

I am using Tonmeister rj45 ethernet cables:
From core to Pang Audiophile Quad Switch.

Interlinks between the 4 segments of Pang Switch

Quad Switch to NDS

NDS to NAC-252

These cables have 7 levels of screening, Analogue Sounding/Dynamics akin to Serious Resolution and “Efficacy better than any Audio Cable I have encountered to date”
The presentation is pure Natural Analogue SQ.

If there is anyone out there who have encountered this issue when playing back ripped cd’s from WAV files stored on your core^^ be so kind as to elaborate as to what the hell is going on.

My core was purchased from Acoustica…
I mentioned the issues I was encountering.

The suggestion was to Speak with Naim as there were some known firmware issues.

So I have yet to speak with Naim…

As sometimes all is ok with play back then out of the blue the afore described occur!

Try to restart all, router first, wait, Core, wait, and finally Nds. And install again the app.

I have done similar but not in that specific squence^^

Thanks! So to confirm^^
Pang Quad Switch? you didnt mention^^

Yes, but the Paul Pang switch is linked to the router, so when the router is rebooted, the switch will follow. It’s what I do at least.

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One assumes you had a similar experience using core.

You enacted the proceedural suggestion which solved the issue??:hugs:

My Amps are with Witchhat for service etc. I will action your suggestion and give the feedback here.

Many Appreciations…
One sure Hope’s this does the trick.

Unless Naim comes up with a firmware update secure the lock/sync with nds.

It appears I am not the only core user with this issue^^

As a Matter of interest Paul Pang’s Quad Switch is Jaw Dropping…
I was dumbstruct!
Ambiance on Live Recordings are Stunning

I have tried a few Audio Switches…
But none regardless of cost compared.

I had the unitserve and now the Melco. But the procedure is always the same. But may also not help.
I hope it will work for you.
As for switch, I believe you. For now I am using the Etheregen with a dedicated linear ps, which combo uplifted also very strongly my system.

I had one of them/Linear psu…
I had Fidelizer/Fidelizer LPS…
I had Sotm…
My Buddy Dries suggested get rid off…
Sent me his PP Quad switch…
5 minutes later I called him and told him order me a Paul Pang Quad imediately.

Then he suggested Tonmeister RJ45 network cabes…

The Rest is History…

I have never heard my Naim System Sing so Eloguently…
You get Tons more Naim Sound We Love.
Dynamic Slamm!:scream::scream::scream:
PRAT to die for.
Sweet Analogue mids/Voices…
Huge space between instruments…
Ambience of recording venue…
You hear every sinue of the Audience clapping exclamations as one would at the live concert…
But it’s the efficacy that’s breath-taking!!
Tonmeister/Pang Quad allows you to hear the Naim SQ and what the Amps are really saying.
I would love a complete Tonmeister loom.
But the cable and its many shielding screens cannot be fitted to din plugs.
However, suffice to state Witchhat Morgana SQ with their ETI Cryo connectors blends with Tonmeuster primarily as Tonmeister uses ETI Cryo connectors.
The SQ is Analogue… Clean, sweet mids, Taught deep bass, extended natural top end. Did I mention the Dynamic Slamm!!

The synergy is wow!!
That’s not supposed to happen^^
But Trust me it’s a marriage made in heaven. I will eventually have a full morgana Loom where I can’t use Tonmeister, inc the new Phantom Speaker cable.

They have the morgana Burndy’s which are literal Beasts…

Well one Hope’s apetites are wetted!!

Later Naimites!!
For Me Nothing Sounds like Naim!
I have been hooked since Early 80’s.

I still am!!

It’s cool it made such an improvement for you. I went from Netgear switch, to same switch with Uptone JS2, to Cisco 2960, then Cascade Cisco’s, then ER and finally ER/ linear ps. The last step was big.
From netgear to that last step, it was like adding an XPS dr to the Cdx2 and full loom quality power cords, in the same time.
So we are both happy.

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Fantastic Results for you!
I felt ER/LPS was darned good too.
I was sceptical where PP Quad was concerned… Never ever heard of it let alone seen any article or comment on P Pang or his designs/Switches…

However, on listening to Dries description the design topology, being in the eletronics domain as a job, understanding timing and its importance in music^^ When Dries informed me that Pang’s Quad utilised 4 x oxco clocks my ears pricked up. Added to the fact each of the 4 segments has it’s own iternal Linear psu feed.
Upon receiving my friends Quad Switch to demo It was clear this was not your ordinary Switch…
As stated b4 I ordered one…
Not stopped Smiling Since…

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How much it costs?
I bought a tcxo Paul Pang switch, around 400 dollars, 3 years ago. Fed by the Uptone Js2 also. I preferred the Cisco at that time, because the Paul Pang sounded too lean for me. I have returned it at that time.
But it was not the latest 4X ocxo.


There’s 20 ports?

Yes there is^^
But 6 are used to link each of the 4 segments into eachother in order to aquire the 4 x optimizing jitter & phase noise reduction on your network. Pure analogue Sounding! The efficacy is also startlingly good!!
Note the Tonmeister Super Cables that lets through every sinue of the music^^
Resistance Is Futile^^ no interference allowing unparalleled signal flow.

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