Naim Uniti core VS Innuos Zen mini for sound quality

I am looking for a upnp server to replace my Mac Mini I use as a NAS. Does a higher priced Uniti Core provide better sound than the Innuos? My Mac Mini? Source is an NDX2.

I hope this is not as “controversial” as ethernet switches! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you considered the standard Zen as this is a similar price to the Core?

Yes, somewhat. But, for a similar price, I think I would stay with Naim.

Yes I should think the NDX2 and Core would work well together and be voiced similarly.

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I purchased a Mini Zen and PSU for my son to use on he system - it look us about 5 mins to set up, very easy to do, also the transfering of music from my server on to the Zen was a delight

I would happliy recomend anything from Innous to be honest

when son is back home from Uni I can see the Innous on the network, have played a few albums on my system - worked perfectly well through UpNP

just as a footnote I think the Zen with PSU cost about the same as my QNAP with 2TB of music

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I think it’s worth looking into the Zen Mini option. I have one and it’s a great piece of kit. If you’ll be using it as a server via UPnP only, Sound Quality should be identical to the Core. However you can also use it as a streamer. This option stores tracks into RAM before playback, and does produce an even better SQ. You do need to use third party controller app (well hopefully not for long - we should see a Innuos native app launching tomorrow) or you can install Roon on it, if you so wish as well. So there are a few options on how one uses it.

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I’ve been using an Innuos Zen since my Unitiserve went down. It’s been great, I use it as a server, streamer and as a Roon Core. Sound quality is very good and although I haven’t owned a Core I demoed them extensively when considering the Zen. I prefer it over the Unitiserve.

Why not just use a Synology or Qnap with Asset? The money saved would go a long way towards an XPS DR; something that really would make the system sound better.

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Less controversial, but a bit controversial too. Some will say use “ why bother with an Innuos or Core, a Nas is all you need”. Other will say that an audiophile Nas sounds better, other not.
Then there is the convenience, and here I think Innuos wins.

The Innuos over the Core, purely because it offers allot more than just a NAS and can run Roon.

That said no reason why you shouldn’t look at other servers.

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There are a few reasons I don’t want a NAS. Whatever I get will have to go in my audio rack (I can’t put it in another room). So, it has to fit in the rack and look good as well.
I also don’t want to set it up. etc.

Like I said in my other thread, I am also looking at loading my music on a USB stick that I will plug into the back of my NDX2. If this solution works out good, I might stick with it.

I was surprised how much better a Zenith Mk 3 sounded over my QNAP NAS.

That said, I had maxed out my power supplies etc before I tried it so you could say it was the icing on the cake.

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I am still thinking of buying an Innuos product to use as a server, ripper and roon core and use via my NDX2 acting as the streamer and dac. In this example, would I be correct in thinking as I am only using the Innuos as a core/server etc that whether it be the mini, zen or zenith option I went for I would get the same sound quality through NDX2 and that the sound quality would only be different from the Innuos different products if using the Innuos products as streamers too.

That was certainly the opinion of an Innuos sales rep I spoke to a year or so back. I dare say others will have different opinions!

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Yes, that’s correct.

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So would the extra power supply for the Zen Mini only be beneficial if you were using it as a streamer.

Your first question was more straightforward. The additional power supply is reviewed as being a positive addition in a server capacity, personally I haven’t made the comparison. I use a Zen and an Innuos Phoenix USB reclocker but I use the Zen as a streamer.
Somebody who is using and Innuos as a server/ripper may be able to answer that part of your question from experience.

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Not what people found in other forums. I use myself a Melco, only as Nas, and the sound improved clearly when going up the range.
I believe that Innuos too, and it’s what I read also.

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Does the zen not have the fancy ethernet out that the zenith has? Innuos claim it improves streamer performance

Hi @frenchrooster , I viewed the question primarily as, would an Innuos server fundamentally alter the sound profile of the NDX2. My answer was no. Thereafter a supplementary question as to whether improving the Innuos source, additional power supplies, would improve the combination. My answer is a qualified yes as I haven’t any personal experience of this set up.

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