Naim Uniti...Help!

Hi all, new here.

Have an issue with a recently purchased Uniti.

Purchased second hand & the guy left the puck inside the unit during shipping so you can guess, it’s now inside the casework…

How do I open up this thing. It has a wrap around lid with a few bolts underneath & as I don’t want to unscrew anything I shouldn’t, was hoping someone may have the answer.


Your best bet is to open the drawer and then pick up the player and carefully manipulate it so that the clamp drops out through the opening*. That usually does the trick. Otherwise, take it to your Naim dealer who should be able to safely open up the unit for you to retrieve the clamp. You could try doing it yourself but you need to be very careful not to round out the hex head insets in the securing bolts (easily done), so best left to your dealer.

*obviously only do with with the player disconnected from system and mains!

Ok, thanks.

I did try the manipulation option but it seems the bit which fits underneath the puck is also missing inside so it’s too big to fit through the gap.

Looks like a dealer then.

I have managed to remove the puck via the manipulation method suggested. Problem now is, once switched on all I get is distortion through my speakers. Horrible noise coming & going through both speakers & no display either. Seems the puck may have caused damage rattling around the internals during shipping. Damn.

Sounds like you’ve bought a dud. I would be having words with the seller.

From Ebay so will be going back.

Yup, sounds like the loose puck has maybe damaged inside.

Even if the player was working perfectly for the last owner, sending it via courier is a little risky at the best of times, but with a loose puck rattling around inside, the chances if damage must be higher.

I specifically requested the seller place the puck in with the accessories but he decided to ignore this & now he has a damaged unit.

My Uniti1 has gone back to Naim, to repair the failed display panel, and I think I that there may have been a lost puck inside, from when I bought it, but seems not to have caused any faults. I packed it carefully, included all the bits but completely forgot to remove the luck from the pull-out drawer, but fortunately the dealer mentioned it, and recovered it.
Hopefully Naim will sort it out, and perhaps I’ll have another spare puck.

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