Naim uniti line clearance

I’ve noticed that there’s a Naim Uniti clearance for all models / ex.demo stock with Audio-t. Could it be a new Uniti line on the horizon🤔…?

I’ve just looked at the A-T site and it looks like they’re just turning over their demo stock at some of their shops.

Yes seems that way… Was wishful thinking.

Yep, just demo stock being cycled. Uniti range continues to march on, with more features - firstly TIDAL Connect, with more to follow - being added this year.


Audio-T always has a fair amount of stock being cleared and I have found is a good source of bargains over the years and you don’t have to go through the pain of running in. In fact, I would say their clearance stock level is lower than it has been, earlier in the year they had a lot more ex dem Naim and other manufacturers gear being sold off.

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