Naim Uniti Mk 1 (updated) and NAP

I’ve recently downsized to a simple single box system and I’m now happily listening to the music rather than the kit. It is a Uniti 1 but has just recently been back to Salisbury for the high res streaming chip and a new display - as well as updated firmware to 4.7 I think. I’ve come from a CD5i and Naim Nait XS 2 but I like the simplicity and what it does particularly with the digital audio - albeit Spotify rather than Tidal.

However… I’m missing something the Nait did well which was a little more resolution at low listening volumes. I’m wondering if this would be cleared up going to a Uniti 2 - but I’m thinking maybe not.

The DAC is up to date and perhaps the amplifier just needs a little more power which leads me to my second thought which is the addition of a power amp like a NAP 200. I know this isn’t a one box wonder and I have no intention of going back to a pre/power or multiple box system but wondered if this may be a pleasant step to take with the Uniti?

I don’t think you’ll find that much difference between a Uniti and a Uniti2. If you can do without the CD player, a Superuniti might be a better option.
Putting a 200 on the Uniti might also be worth a try, but if you’re prepared to have two boxes, there are plenty of other options. A separate streamer with NaitXS or Supernait, or a 172 or 272 with separate power amp, would avoid the redundant amp in the Uniti/200 and potentially sound quite a bit better.

Thanks for the reply. I know it’s a little contradictory suggesting two boxes as it does tend to invite suggestions of swapping to a pre/power combo but I’m really trying hard to avoid being dragged into an audio arms race again. We do use the CD player a little bit but mainly stream with the odd session of vinyl.

The Supernait wouldn’t allow direct connection to the Stageline nor would the 172 or 272.

Hi, the supernaits have special sockets to power a stageline (aux 2).

Thanks, corrected. However it doesn’t have a streaming capability that would need another box.

@DaveS Apologies for dragging you in unannounced - there is no way to PM on this forum and I noticed in your profile you have an upgraded Uniti 1 and wondered if you had a view about switching to a Uniti 2 or adding on a NAP?

Hi @Adam. Indeed I took the same route as you in that I had my Uniti 1 upgraded in the same manner. One of the things I love about the original Unitis is just how versatile they are; it even powers my Stageline phono preamp with just one connection and BBC Radio in HD format sounds stunning as does Tidal. I upgraded by adding a NAP200 and it was a good step to take which improved the sound immensely. The Uniti’s internal amp is fine, but for me it lacked just that little extra something that I couldn’t put my finger on. The NAP200 made a massive difference. I’ve since changed that to a NAP250DR which is even better and gives a tighter bass and that and my IPL Transmission Line Speakers make the windows ratttle!

As others have said, there are other upgrade routes you can take. For me, it was a matter of cost. I’m retired now and I’m happy with my system, which sounds really good. Hope this helps.


@DaveS Thanks it does. I came from a Nait XS 2, raspberry Pi home brew, CD5i and have a Stageline and Rega. The main reason the Uniti appealed was for the one box approach. Couldn’t justify a Naim streamer as the Pi sounded just as good with the DAC I chose for a fraction of the cost but the OS on it simply wasn’t reliable and would disconnect.

Sadly the Nait developed a fault on the volume pot - I think maybe oxidisation which made a dent in its value. I could either take it on the nose and get it serviced or try something new. In a fit of pique I got rid of everything and took a punt on a recently upgraded Uniti but as you say there was a certain little something missing after moving over from the Nait. I certainly don’t want to go back to a pile of boxes and the Uniti is exceptional value when you consider not only the CD but the streaming aspect of it.

I don’t have budget for the NAP 250 currently but I reckon I’m going to give the 200 a go - cheers for the pointers!

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