Naim Uniti network card -Ethernet LAN check/diagnose

Just Checked all my Ethernet Cat6+7 cables on my modem. I did a network diagnose on all wired devices.
Everytime one device. They are all good, exept the Nova

A wired connected device does not work at the best “Duplex” speed, so you may not be able to use your full internet speed on that device. This may be due to an outdated or damaged UTP internet cable or network card.

I used 3 different shielded cables, all same result.
It is not the cable, so it has to be the network card inside the Nova.

Anyone else tested this ? Or the same issues ?
Is it outdated ?

Just searching for the strange behaviour of the Uniti range…

Its probably a T100 connection, I guess a gig connection was to expensive for the BOM,

Nothing wrong with the port it’s just not 1gb ethernet. All Naim streamers run at 100mb/s as you don’t need ant higher for audio.

I think you have got some matters mixed up. Naim devices are Fast Ethernet devices which means they synchronise their Ethernet at 10 or 100 Mbps full or half duplex.

There is nothing outdated about Fast Ethernet, and in some circles is considered better for lower electrical noise as for full duplex only one twisted pair is used in each direction as opposed to two.
Therefore it is worth noting a 2 pair Ethernet cable will support fast Ethernet full duplex, where as for Gigabit Ethernet, which can only be full duplex, requires 4 pair Ethernet cable.

Full Duplex simply means simultaneous transfer up and down, where as half duplex it’s one or the other at a point in time.

Thanks for explanation, Simon.
So this has no influence on behaviour ?


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