Naim uniti Nova Deep Sleep

Can anyone bring his Nova in Deep Sleep by using the powerbotton on the remote?

Press the power button either on the unit or the remote for three seconds. It will go into deep sleep. Press the power button again to wake it up.

Indeed, somehow I missed the last 2 words in the online help and got distracted by the picture leaving out the remote. Thanks, deleted

Ob the front panel ist works. On the Remote not.

I’ve just checked this with my NDX2. I know it’s a different player, but the instructions say you can use either the button or the remote.

I can use the remote to put it into standby, but not into deep sleep. Deep sleep only works when I press the button on the unit. So maybe the instructions are wrong, and maybe it’s exactly the same with your Nova. Maybe @davidhendon could try this on his Nova, or another Nova user.

So maybe the picture in the online docs was correct all along and I was accidentally right in ignoring the “or remote” in the text :slight_smile:

On my Nova, I can only make it go into deep sleep or wake from deep sleep with the front panel button, not the remote.

Mind you I found I had to put new batteries in the remote to do the experiment. That’s the first time I have touched it in a year or more.

Thanks David. Clearly we have found yet another error on the website that needs correcting. One day, maybe.

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