Naim Uniti Nova + kef r7 : white noise , deep mode & relè rumors

Hi everyone,

I’ve got uniti nova + kef r7 and some doubts:

  1. when I play a song from my tidal/spotify uniti automatically turns on.
    Is it normal I don’t ear any kind of mecanical sound (as like the “clack” relè) ?
    In addition when uniti nova wakes up I hear a slight sound from the speakers, similar to a very sligh pop.
    When I turn of uniti nova, after about 30 seconds, starts a kind of white noise from the tweeters.
    Like a rustle.
    All these things depend only of the power mode? In this case is nova set to network standby mode?
    Is it normal?

How can I stop the rustle/white noise when uniti nova is turn of, without losing the automatically wake up from the tablet/smartphone/app?

Is the “deep sleep” the only way to eliminate the white noise/rustle from the tweeters when nova is turned off?

The auto start is normal as is the lack of relay noise - they only click on when waking from a deeper sleep. The pop is normal too - my Nova does all of this.

I don’t have a hiss from my Nova so that may not be normal (you’ll need another person to reply to see if their Nova is like yours or mine before drawing any kind of conclusion).

I’d suggest asking your dealer about it.

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A slight pop when waking up from sleep is normal:

A slight hiss from the tweeters is also normal, all Naim amps do it to a degree. How loud it is depends on the speaker sensitivity and in part on the reflectivity of the room, but normally it should not be audible from the listening position, except when the speakers are sensitive (90 dB or more), and then only if the room is silent. (Of course, with very sensitive speakers it will at some point become audible)

Your R7 have rather medium-to-low sensitivity, 88dB (2.83V/1m), so I would expect the hiss to be faintly audible from maybe 1.0-1.5 meter or less distance to tweeter.

There are many informative threads about it (search the forum for “hiss”), here is one with an Atom:

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I thought there was an intermediate power mode between deep sleep and network stand by that would allow to use app (spotify/tidal / etc) turning on automatically uniti nova even power amplifier is off, using the relè.

For example my marantz nr1200 allows to turn off with “relè click” the unit, and wake up from the smartphone/app.

In this case I havo no hiss from tweeters becouse there’s no electricity by the power unit but it is detectable from device and apps.

Deeo sleep is not very confortable to use…I had to press for 3/4 seconds every time the machine to turn off and use the remote before the tablet and smartphone to turn on.

And I don’t know if that slight hiss could damage the tweeters in the long run

That’s exactly what Network Standby mode is for.

The network stand by allow to use the app but in my case I don’t ear any relay click as like deep sleep. And maybe is for this reason I still ear slight hiss from tweeters.
With marantz nr1200, when I turn off, I ear the relay click, Power supply is also turn off, there’s no hiss from tweeters but it still detectable from apps.
I meant this when I said “intermediate power mode.”

There are only two modes, network standby and deep sleep.
If you have a USB drive attached, or if Server mode is enabled, the unit will remain fully powered up in network standby mode so then there would be no click of the relay turning it on when you wake it from network standby.

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I’ve disabled server mode and now it works correctly. Detectable from apps, with relay click when turn off/on, without hiss from tweeter.

I have the same issue with my Nova + Monitor Audio speakers
There is no USB drive attached and Server mode is disabled but there is a very quiet hissing sound from tweeters when pause pressed which is fine. There is no sound coming when headphones are on.
What worries me - after initiating standby mode from the app, sound completely disappears for 30 seconds but than reappears again.
Seems like the unit switches into half awake half asleep mode, not sure this is right

If you have disabled server mode (I also disbled “keep connection” under server mode ) when you turn of nova you should ear the relay click and no hiss from tweeters. Hiss when pause is pressed shoud be normal.

I Have another issue.
I have a panasonic JZ1500 connected to the nova by hdmi. Even if arc is disabled from hdmi tv settings when I turn off the tv automatically nova turn off itself and I ear the boring hiss from tweeters.
I’ve tried to set “automatic switching hdmi” off …when I turn off tv , uniti nova stays lit but if I try to turn it off I can ear hiss from tweeters.
When I finish ti watch a movie I must to change imput from hdmi to …tidal or spotify and then turn of the uniti nova to avoid the boring hiss.
How is it possible?

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