Naim Uniti nova : Max volume setting

I have a question about naim uniti nova
Can I prevent accidental damage if I set “65 % max volume” on audio setting menu of the focal naim smartphone app ?

On the Nova display I still see “100” if I put the max volume using for example spotify or tidal by tablet /smartphone.
But can u confirm that the real volume supplied is “65” whatever the source I use (hdmi for a film/server/tidal & spotify connect ) even I see another number on the display?

I ask you this becouse I accidentally push the max volume on the smartphone when spotify running for a few seconds, and the volume seemed to me a little higher then the 65 % I hade set.
But It totally might have just been me.

I set the Atom connected to my TV to a 50 max volume as every so often someone would sit on the remote and seconds later have it blasting out at 100%.
The volume scale on the Uniti device remains 0-100 regardless of what max you specify in the Naim app, so in my case 100 on the Atom display equates to half the max volume the device is capable of.
You can always adjust it temporarily if needed but I find that actually in almost all cases this is enough and also means you’ll never do any damage to the system by accident.

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