Naim Uniti Nova- noise in headphone stage

I am getting a “pulsing” or “beating” sound in my headphones along with some static. The setup is a Naim Uniti Nova into Focal Clear Mg headphones. I cannot reproduce this sound through my speakers. Dead quiet even when I turn the volume to 100. My very rough guesstimate trying to count the number of beats is around 400/min. (I am in the US - 60 Hz power)

It occurs regardless of whether any source is playing. I have tested:

  • multiple inputs (Roon streaming via ethernet, turntable and tape into the two RCA inputs, playing radio stations through the Naim app_
  • I varied the ground switch between the floating and default setting
  • I have the unit plugged into a surge protector - I moved it direct to the outlet and also moved it to a different outlet on a different circuit breaker.

Any ideas of potential sources or corrective action would be appreciated.

Thank you

Anything close by such as a wireless router or other wireless products. Do you use any Ethernet over mains wiring devices ?

There is a wireless router not far away as that is what the Naim is plugged into for streaming. I will be hooking it up via backhaul but will not be able to do that for about a month. I will still disconnect it later and see if that removes the noise as it occurs even with no inputs. Good idea.

Thank you

Yes, try switching the router off or moving it further away. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Thank you sir, that is the source of the noise. I will see if a slight reposition will resolve the issue


Try hard wiring with an Ethernet cable as that should have an affect on possible wireless interference.

Thank you, I plan to do that in a few weeks when I have the wiring completed for some house renovatrions

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