Naim Uniti Nova with power amp and sub

Hello everyone. I am a happy owner of Nova and have a question.
I want to connect my McIntosh MC152 amp (to B&W 702 S2 speakers) and also B&W DB4S sub.
Nova has two preamp outputs. Is there a difference in the outputs? Do I absolutely have to connect the amp to the 4pin DIN and sub to RCA? Or I can connect sub to DIN and amp to the second one?
The reason is that I have interconnect cables I like and cannot find any with DIN.

I have a similar set of outputs on my SuperUniti, I have tried both and they sound the same to me. If you ask Naim I am sure that they will tell you that the din offers better performance and should be used to feed the amp. As for loading of the outputs, I have used both simultaneously and I was not aware of a degradation in sound. A call to Naim tech support (probably in shutdown for hols right now), may be able to tell you if that could have an effect, or you could try it and see for your self. You won’t do it any harm.

Thank you! I Will do as you suggested: will try both with different cables and see if there is any difference.
Will post updates.

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