Naim Uniti Nova

Is it possible to connect a equaliser to the Nova? I can see there is only pre-amp out but not return to power amp so is there any way to do this? How do you all control the eq on these streamers? “Not something one should do” is almost the conclusion…

As you’ve worked out, this can’t be done as the Nova lacks a “tape loop” socket/switch pair. Your assumption is therefore correct, it’s not intended.

So you yourself never feel the need to adjust something? Just got high end speakers so it might not be necessary but still some recordings might need to be adjusted or is it different with the mix from streams?

Naim have always avoided the use of any form of tone controls, analogue or digital, having found that putting them in the signal path always degrades sound quality. If you really want to use them, you may be looking at the wrong brand.

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