Naim Uniti remote control battery consumption horrendous

The remote control which I believe is common on the Uniti range has 4 AAA batteries. I fit new Duracell ones generally. They last about 3 weeks only and I rarely use the remote.

As anyone else had this experience?

By contrast I have a Sony Bravia TV which has a remote powered by two AAA batteries and this will last about 6 months with intensive use.

Can anyone explain what is going on here as this is not right at all.

My Nova, which I have had for about two years, is only on its second set of batteries in the remote, which I never use. But I just picked it up and used it turn the Nova off and on again. It worked fine.

I suspect your remote is faulty.

Ndx2 remote uses batteries. A set every 6 months?

My Star remote is relatively frugal with batteries, around a year like David. I motly use it to turn on or change radio stations, the rest of the time I will use the app.

Couple of Naim remotes including for Uniti - fitted with Duracell rechargeables, last ages; simples.

Well… the Remote I use, from my CDX2 (works my 82 as well), seems to go on forever… :expressionless:

My Star remote also seems a bit power hungry…but not on your three week cycle. In Settings/other settings/remote in the app you can turn off motion control. This may save some energy?

The new streamer remotes use Zigbee instead of IR as all older ones did. This requires more batteries, and they wear out faster, but what you are experiencing is far in excess of normal performance.

Why this is happening I have no idea. Possibly some strange interaction with other Zigbee devices. Some smart meters use it, for example.
Some remotes have had faulty buttons, I wonder if they are a possible cause, but these are just wild guesses.

I’ve had my Atom for nearly 2 years and the remote is still on its first set of batteries and works fine. OK, I don’t use it very often, but lasting just 3 weeks does not seem right at all. Perhaps it’s time to have a word with your dealer.


The Zigbee remote for my NDX2 eats through batteries! Good thing I rarely use it.

Likewise. Batteries in the remote last for ages but don’t really use it anyway since I use an iPad instead.

My NDX2 remote ate its first set of batteries quite raidly. The next set lasted forever once I realised that the remote was a piece of crap and it went back in the box.
Those 1st gen remotes were sooooo much better!

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I have had my ND555 around 8 months and only used the remote for the first week or so as I consider it unweildly and rather OTT. Today, after reading this post,I was rather miffed to find it was unresponsive.

When I checked the batteries they were just beginning to corrode. I removed them immediatly and cleaned the spring terminals with some 20% solution Acetic acid previously supplied by an industrial Chemist friend for cleaning battery corrosion from PCBs.

The original batteries supplied by Naim were GP Super made in China with a date code of 09 2024. I replaced them with Duracell Plus made in Belgium date code 03 2032 yes 2032.

The remote works fine again but I will be keeping a very close eye on it. When I get time I will measure the quiescent current draw.

The batteries in my remote, which gets used every day, last for a long time. Think I have only changed them once in 2 years. Turning the motion sensor off makes a big difference. 3 weeks is not right.

I use rechargeable AAA (though it’s not then optimal use for them), and they last a couple of months before recharge.

Anything might be triggering the remote? To make it light up, …
Something(cat) walking over it? I occasionally see mine light up, when it’s on the couch and something on the couch moves.

both my Uniti remotes are fine.
There may be two things
1 The remote needs changing
2 The batteries are dud

I checked the ND555 remote and with fresh batteries and it consumes 0.11 mA in standby and 59 mA when transmitting via Zigbee.

The GP Super batteries are rated at 900 mAh and the Duracell Plus at 1150 mAh.

That should give around 0.11 Ă— 24 = 2.64 mAh per day 1150/2.64 = 436.6 days in standby only on the Duracell Plus and around 341 days on the GP Super. Obviously usage on the Zigbee will take a fair amount of power.

By contrast the Narcom 4 IR remote for the 552 pre uses just 0.003 mA in standby and 8 mA transmitting.

I just remembered about the motion sensor so repeated the current measurements with it turned off and found it was exactly the same 0.11 mA on my ND 555. However, the sensor is active at all times and when the remote is moved the standby current rises by a few mA for a few seconds each time then returns to 0.11 mA.

With the motion detection active the current rises to the same level as transmitting i.e. 59 mA as it lights up even without pressing any buttons.

Thanks. I have turned the motion sensor off now. Also when I am not using the remote I have put a thin piece of card between the batteries so it doesn’t work. I only use the remote mainly for ripping CD’s or listening to CD’s, or if a CD is not ejected (I press play/pause button for 3 secs to eject). I will need to take it to a Naim dealer for replacement as it is still under guarantee.

My batteries last about 3 months. And i play
Usually 14 cds a week.