Naim Uniti remote control battery consumption horrendous

I skip a lot of tracks. So i use the remote a lot.
I hope you sort out the problem

Hi @broad_bean

Suggest raise a support ticket with the support team at Naim. It indicates that remote has a fault on it.

The remote should last around 6-8 months on a set of batteries depending on usage. If its lasting less than a month then it indicates its not internally going into sleep mode properly, so draining the batteries fast.

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Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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The remote from my Atom HE ate batteries for breakfast. Regardless of the type or brand. Finally, they were empty within 2 days. Was replaced under warranty with no issues.

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When I used it originally the Nova batteries didn’t last long at all. I think it’s mainly to do with the motion sensitivity initiating backlighting which can be activated by moving it even if you’re not using the remote.

You should be able to disable motion sensitivity in the app, but you may not wish to do so.

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